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MSU: 85  Maryland: 83

Korie Luscious made the shot of his lifetime. The shot that will go down in the Top 10 of MSU’s history. And the shot that will sting the Maryland Terrapins for a long time.

The story is of basketball legend. MSU was playing without its top star, Kalin Lucas. It’s starting forward Chris Allen was 99% gone. Devron Roe was barely able to walk let alone run. Chris Morgan broke a tooth towards the end of the game. In a word, the Spartans were playing in P-A-I-N.

But here is the real story. Up by 15 the Spartans looked like victory was a matter or running down the clock. With only 2 minutes to go and up by 8, the strategy was sound. But then the P-A-I-N took over as all the Darvacet’s, Oxycotin’s and Morphine drips wouldn’t have made a difference and suddenly with 6 seconds to go, Maryland had its first lead since the game was 7-6.

Spartan fans were SCREAMING MAD. Terrapin fans were SCREAMING JOY. How could this be? Spartan fans were yelling obscenities at their TV’s and anyone else around them. 911 was called as fans were having heart attacks, strokes, anxiety attacks. Terrapin fans were hollering like health care reform didn’t pass, high-fiving, hysterical. 911 was called as fans were passing out from lack of oxygen and being slapped too hard in the back.

But while the Terrapins were hollering, the Spartans knew there was 6 seconds left. The Terrapins so excited about leading forgot about the full court press and instantly Draymond Green had the ball over the half court line, thought about shooting and heard Luscious. He passed and somehow the ball got to Luscious. The time on the clock was .9 seconds and Luscious released the ball just then.

The Spartan team was on their feet. The Terpin team was on their feet. The fans were on their feet. Every fan in every home and sports bar was on their feet. Instead of SCREAMING, there was SILENCE. While the ball was in the air toward the hoop. it was the longest stretch of SILENCE since the last time your spouse said to you, “What did you just say?” And then all anyone heard was the sound of NET and the rest is history.

But there are two sides to the story and all you have to do is read the Maryland Sun’s newspaper this morning.

The photo and caption from the Detroit News:

MSU heads for Sweet 16 on buzzer-beater

“The whole year went through my mind,” Izzo said. “I’m thinking, is it worth the constant hammering? And it kind of made it worth it, all in one shot.”

The photo and caption from the Maryland Sun:

Terps fall to MSU on buzzer beater

A drained Maryland coach Gary Williams was asked where the defeat ranked in his 21-year Maryland career. “Let’s see, where would it be?” Williams replied. “[In] 2001 in the Final Four we were up 20 on Duke. I’m sure there have been others. Right now, I can’t think.”

This is what makes college sports the best sports to watch. And it’s also good to be on the winning side of the story.

Happy Monday!