Are you staying home or traveling this weekend?

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How come the period between Memorial Day weekend and Fourth of July weekend seems like two weeks? Is there a faster period during the year? I think it’s even faster than the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Why do we love to eat out of bags and boxes? Snack items, candy (no wonder M&M’s are #1), popcorn, Chinese take-out, McDonald’s French Fries while driving, and so forth. We can take a snack size bag of Oreo’s and dump it on a plate or napkin but it’s much more fun to grab out of the bag. Why?

Are you staying home or traveling? With only three summer weekends, I love to stay home but heading out to Chicago like a million others to see my oldest son and daughter-in-law (no grandkids yet).

Thebeautybook Fall 2010 edition is in the mail along with The Industry Source July/August magazine. WOW is all I can say. I’m sure you will say the same when you get your copies (that is if you are a customer).

Young love is true love. When was the last time you made out in a parking lot during the day?

I have no idea why, but I haven’t seen or heard anything about the BP oil spill all week.

June consumer confidence hit a skid and so did the stock market. Not a good omen for the next six months. But hey, Jimmy Buffett is live this weekend and thank god it’s 5:00 somewhere and that Larry King retired.

J.J. CND’s infamous VP of Sales ensured me Shellac Base Coat is on the way. Between that and the iPhone 4, not sure which is hotter.

Can you eat 20# of steak in 4 days?

Have a terrific holiday, Labor Day is around the corner.

Happy Thursday!