Do you hold the rubber rail when you ride an escalator or moving walkway?

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I commented a few weeks about creating a new permanent glove since disposable gloves have become so popular.

Truth is, disposable gloves are becoming more and more indispensable. Over 30 billion gloves are used per annum and growing. Just think of all the industries that use gloves and those that don’t but should.

Don’t you wonder why bank teller’s don’t use gloves? You have any idea how many germs are on paper money? Gross! They certainly should offer gloves before riding an escalator or moving walkway. There are more germs on the rubber grips than any other material known to man. Yikes!

Seriously though, after a lot of investigation into this matter, I have plunged into the glove market in a big way. In doing my research I was shocked to find out not a single disposable glove is made in the USA. In fact, virtually all gloves are now made in China and Malaysia.

Do you even know where Malaysia is located on the world map? Most likely not so read up on this geographic area the size of New Mexico and learn some interesting stuff.

What is most shocking is that doctors, hospitals, technology companies and the like all trust China and Malaysia with their lives each and every day by using disposable gloves. Basically speaking, China owns the USA’s healthcare industry. Ouch!

No wonder 500,000 people filed for unemployment benefits last week, the highest since November 2009. We can’t even make gloves!

On the glove side, there are industrial and medical grade gloves. For years we have sold industrial grade gloves mostly to hairdressers using them for chemical services. Starting September 1 (we are doing a soft launch now), we will be offering medical grade gloves. Medical grade gloves are the highest quality available and can be used by doctors, hospitals along with food service and beauty. More importantly, we are pricing medical gloves at wholesale due to demand.

There are three glove compositions- latex, vinyl and nitrile.

Latex is the most popular for doctors and hospitals since it is chemical and blood resistant. No issues with acetone either, that’s why virtually all Asian salons use them. Latex gloves have become so popular there is now a worldwide shortage of it and prices are up 20% and there are predictions for higher prices yet.

The shortfall for latex is that many people are allergic to latex. Nitrile provides the best alternative. Medical grade nitrile gloves are also chemical and blood resistant (not at the same level as latex), are latex-free, easy to put on and come in fun colors. Nitrile is the fastest-growing glove.

Vinyl gloves are mostly used in industrial settings and are the least popular. They are the least expensive and that is why salons/spas use them. They are perfect for pedicures, food handling, and the like.

Now you know the rest of the story. Question is when will we all be walking around wearing gloves? At least then we can go back to shaking hands without washing them immediately afterwards.

Happy Thursday!