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Saturday was a glorious day on Belle Isle. No rain. No snow. No bitter cold. No howling winds. No gloom and doom. The sun was out, the temperatures were moderate and people came from all over.

In all, over 14,000 walkers enjoyed the 5-mile walk around the island. The trees were showing off red, yellow and other fall colors while the Detroit River sparkled (if you can imagine that).

Jay Towers from FOX2 was live with microphone in hand and doing another splendid job covering the event. The American Cancer Society (ACS) had a multitude of staff and volunteers on hand to keep the event well organized. Survivors were on hand and well recognized. Families, guys, kids and strollers showed up in mass. Sorry, no pets.

Nearly $800,00 was raised for cancer research, an all-time record. It appears no matter how bad the economy is, people always find ways to reach out and give to charities they deem relevant. That’s one thing that makes living in the USA so great.

TNG was the presenting sponsor once again and had more than 250 walkers donning TNG shirts. Many were newcomers to the event and they had a great time. Lucky them, they didn’t have to deal with the bitter cold like years past.

We are still processing money from the Tiffany event last week plus the money raised for STRIDES. Once again, TNG will be over the $100,000 mark, something all its talent, customers and suppliers can be proud of.

For photos and more info about STRIDES, click here

Happy Tuesday!