Do you prefer to self-scan or use a traditional check-out lane at the supermarket?

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I am proud to say that tng worldwide (TNG) is once again a Detroit Free Press Top Workplaces to work in Southeastern Michigan. TNG has won this for the three consecutive years the program has been around and we are very fortunate to have valued talent to earn this prestigious award.

The annual ISPA show starts tonight at the Baltimore Convention Center. TNG will be showcasing its hospitality division along with OPI and Lytess shape wear. We will be debuting many products from the Ginger Lily Farms lineup which is finally arriving in our distribution center. More on ISPA later in the week.

Do drivers use turn signals anymore? I cannot believe how many don’t use them when making a right turn at an intersection.

And speaking of drivers, I don’t think the cops have to worry about speeders like they used to. Now they have to worry more about drivers going below the speed limit since so many of them are on their smart phones.

black 15in1 Miracle Hair Treatment officially launches 1.1.11 to salons but consumer interest has been growing at unprecedented levels due to early PR and You Tube videos. Now one lucky winner and a guest can win a free trip to the VIP Hollywood launch event December 15 held at the well-known Andy Lecompte salon. To enter, click here.

Can you believe Thanksgiving is less than 2 weeks away? I found most people either love or hate turkey. But when it comes to dessert, it must be pie. My favorites: Pumpkin and Apple Crumb (Grand Traverse Pie Company makes an awesome one with coconut).

What is going to be the hit gift item this year? Flat screen sales are way down (everyone has one) so my guess would be Apple products and gift cards.

Have you visited an Aldi supermarket yet? The same German giant that owns Trader Joe’s is out to give Walmart, Target, and other supermarket chains a run for their money. Is anyone safe anymore?

Interesting how gas is back at $3 a gallon and no one talks about it. I recall the first time it crossed the $3 gallon mark, that was all the media and everyone talked about.

Happy Monday!