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Today is the busiest travel day of the year. Daniel is flying in from Duke and Michael is driving in from Chicago so we certainly are part of the statistics.

However, in a well written article by Mitch Albom a couple Sunday’s ago in the Detroit Free Press, he wrote about empty seats at the Thanksgiving dining room table. He mentioned the person who couldn’t afford to travel (an honest answer), the person who had a reunion (honest answer), the person whose kids had a hockey tournament (honest answer) and the person who was too busy (an honest answer).

Honestly, Thanksgiving is the one holiday of the year that family should get together. The summer holidays are always busy with weddings, reunions, vacations and such. Christmas is about religion, gift-giving and tradition. But Thanksgiving, nothing to deal with except eating, drinking and having a good time.

As I mentioned earlier, I will indulge. This time around, I will try to pace myself. In years past, we eat at 6:00PM and we are done at 6:15PM. Mind you, this is after the BUB spent 3 weeks preparing, 1 week shopping and 3 days cooking. I tried pacing myself last year but only made it to 6:16PM. This year 6:18PM is my goal.

And then there is always the issue of the “second” plate. My dinner plate during the week typically has a piece of salmon and some asparagus spears on it. Tomorrow it will be loaded with turkey (mostly white meat), mashed potatoes (small amount), candied sweets (large amount), stuffing (good size portion), gravy (a touch), both veggies, cranberry, perhaps a roll, couple pickles and oh, a little salad. The plate will weight at least five pounds. But within minutes, the plate will be dishwasher clean with the buffet lurking in the kitchen ready to be attacked again. My plan is to skip the second plate this year. Yeah right.

After consuming 4000 calories and the body going into shock, why not add a few more calories and shock waves with dessert. Typically I have no dessert. But tomorrow? Pumpkin pie (large slice), apple crumble (small slice), brownies and cookies (I can skip those) and for sure, a second slice of pumpkin a bit later.

Thanksgiving wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without consuming 5000 calories and then complaining about it afterwards. Amazingly enough, the next morning we will all wake up and wake up famished. How can that be?

Let’s not forget the true meaning of tomorrow: To be thankful. Yes, times have been horrendous for far too long, but if you have your health and family to share a feast with, you should be thankful. I know I am. And special thanks to the BUB so all I have to do is eat, eat, and eat!

Happy Thanksgiving!