Are you a Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopper?

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So happy to be back to work today. One can only take so many consecutive days of eating and drinking anything and everything.

It’s also nice to be back to work today since all the family members left yesterday. They devoured virtually everything in sight and then made a total mess throughout the house. You would not believe the places I found candy wrappers and pistachio nut shells.

OPI is in the news once again. The Wall St. Journal is stating that Coty is the buyer and the price is near $1 Billion. With OPI and Sally Hansen, Coty will own the nail market.

I also heard over the weekend Essie is hitting Walgreen’s the first of the year with a retail price of $8. At this point, any difference in Walgreen’s, Target or even Wal-Mart selling the brand if Ulta does?

MSU 11-1, beats Penn State at Penn State for the first time since 1965 AND is the only team to beat Wisconsin. Our reward? Thumbs down for the BCS games. Enough Mickey Mouse for the Spartan’s.

I was at Somerset Mall on Black Friday (most people don’t know why it’s called that but they know to wake up early to shop) and it was busy but not crazy busy. Except for the Apple store where there was standing room only.

If someone gave you $500 to spend, what would you buy? Girls would opt in for clothes and shoes while boys would opt in for electronics. Unisex choices include designer jeans and fragrance.

Question: If you were at work and your daughter or son called and said they needed you to bring home a red pencil for their homework assignment, would take one from the office or stop at Staples? More than 90% stated they would take one from the office in a major study.

Happy Monday!