How do you think 2011 will be compared to 2010?

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By all accounts, it’s beginning to look like 2011 isn’t going to be much better than 2010. If you listened to Ben Bernanke’s remarks on 60 Minutes a couple Sunday’s ago, then you know he is suggesting 3-5 more years before we get to 5-6% unemployment.

The salon/spa/hospitality industries thrive on full employment. And now it seems the party isn’t going to start until 2014 at the earliest. So what do we do in the meantime?


S.T.O.P. is an acronym for Step back, Think, Organize your thoughts, Proceed.

Step back: It hasn’t been business as usual in a very long time. Step back is the ability to know it’s time to make changes.

Think: Meet with employees. Meet with business associates. Read current books. Thinking takes time to strategize and this is mission critical to future success.

Organize your thoughts: Make a list of all the ideas you accumulated. Implement them in short, mid and long term priority.

Proceed: Take action

Here’s the thing about the economy: While unemployment is close to 10%, nearly 90% of people are still working and spending money. Those businesses that attract those people will continue to move forward.

We’re ready for 2011. It’s been painstaking to get everything done, but the groundwork is set and we are excited about the opportunities. Here is a glimpse:

thebeautybook 2011 Spring edition: Updated look, plenty of new items such as NSI Polish Pro, Gellac, Shellac 12 new shades, Thermasoft gloves (they are back!), and new lower pricing on Hospitality items. We have also lowered our backorder policy from $50 to $25 (effective Jan. 2)


The Industry Source magazine: Updated look, same great business articles. New for 2011 is that the magazine will be sent to Nailco Gold members only. If you are not a Nailco Gold member, please sign up at (membership is free).

black 15in1 Miracle Hair Treatment: Official launch date is 1.1.11. Celebrity VIP launch is this Wednesday in West Hollywood. Updates to come.

FRINGE 2011 Dallas: The first really cool hair event in Texas will inspire hairdressers from all over the Lone Star state. January 23 at the Granada Theater, tickets now on sale.

Ginger Lily Farms: New for 2011 is in-house filling, bottle customization, blending bars and so much more. Coming soon, full integration into SAP. This will give you live inventory, review of past orders, account balance and quicker order entry.

We are ready for 2011. And that means we are ready for you.

Note: I will be in LA the rest of the week.

Happy Monday!