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As you read from my previous blog, black 15in1 Miracle Hair Treatment is one of the most exciting products in 2011. One thing that makes it so are the comments, blogs, videos and such from people that love the product. Below is one of the latest blogs from Beauty Director Eva Chen couldn’t say it any better than me.

I am also excited to announce that the first international country launching black 15in1 is Vietnam. The Vietnamese economy is booming (you should see the traffic competing with scooters, bikes and autos) and consumers have more disposable income to spend. With consistent hot sticky conditions year round (temperatures in the 90’s and high humidity) it is not uncommon for people to take several showers a day. But the water is terrible and creates havoc for the hair. AllGreen Tu Quy, the exclusive Vietnamese distributor, took samples and passed them out to women. They were amazed and shocked how the product worked in the humidity and tamed their hair from the problem water. AllGreen Tu Quy services over 500 salons.

Beauty Director Eva Chen shares the hottest trends, backstage know-how and must-have products.

new hair treatment black fixes 15 hair problems with one product

january 03, 2011

black-15-in-1-Bottle.jpgA quick trip to the drugstore is never that simple for me. It’s a common conundrum I face, walking into my local Duane Reade to quickly buy a new hair product, then finding myself stationed in the beauty aisle for what seems like hours, debating whether I should purchase the spray/gel/mousse/serum that promises to add shine, the one that blocks humidity, the one that will protect my hair color, or the one that guarantees to straighten my wavy locks, among many other uses. To my relief, I don’t think I’m the only one who often finds myself stuck in this situation, because let’s face it, who really needs to address just one issue when it comes to styling their hair? Luckily, a new product is about to hit the beauty scene that promises to do it all–or at least fifteen different things–in one application. Black, the first ever 15-in-1 hair treatment, claimed it could do all the things I look for most in my hair products: add shine, prevent split ends, stop frizz, seal hair color, and prevent heat-styling and other damage, among many more necessary functions. To be honest, it all sounded too good to be true, so I decided to test it out and see for myself. I added three pumps of it to my towel-dried hair this morning, then blow-dried as usual to reveal hair that was definitely shinier and more manageable than with my normal styling products. Now, I can’t yet vouch for whether or not it really has prevented breakage, drying out, or fading, but for me, it passed the ultimate test when my hair retained its smoothness and shine even after walking through the New York humidity this morning. Definite plus! Black will be available for $20 online at and in more than 1,000 salons throughout the country starting in January!

Happy Thursday!