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WOW, where did the week go? OK, I will admit I finally took a few days off in sunny Mexico. I don’t have a laptop and my iPhone doesn’t have international access so when I’m gone, I’m gone. We stayed south of Cancun in the hot tourist area called the Maya Riviera nearby the new hot town Playa Del Carmen. Although Mexico is rife with drug, government and police issues, this part of Mexico is calm and collected. The weather is always good and the Mexican people are ultra friendly and love to take care of their guests.

What’s better than fresh guacamole and tortilla chips? Mexico is famous for their hot sauces and we had a variety to choose from. They have no such thing as “Pace” (the American version of salsa) as everything they make is fresh and homemade. I especially love the pablano pepper sauce, red sauce and Mexican salsa. But after a few days of eating it for breakfast, lunch and dinner (you can’t help it), you can’t wait to get home so you can stop eating it.

The Hospitality industry in Mexico is quite diverse and all of the major players are now situated in this part of Mexico (Four Seasons is working on taking over a failed Viceroy development). While most of the larger properties are all-inclusive, there are many properties that have opened in the past few years that are not. I will admit my days of standing in the swimming pool with a beer in my hand and a cooler of them poolside are long gone (actually they never happened although a good Peña Colada was my weakness). Add that, blaring music, non-stop activities and food that never stops either, all-inclusive resorts are quite hectic. The newer resorts are quiet and while they allow kids, you can relax if that is your goal.

With all the TSA precautions going on at USA airports, how is it the Cancun airport which is among the most ultra-modern in North America, not only allows you to keep your shoes on going through the x-ray, you don’t have to worry about being searched or going through one of those new scanning machines either. They are truly tourist-friendly.

I tried tasting Tequila one night with the BUB. We got the grand idea during the day since the resort put a small bottle in our room with limes and salt. We opened the bottle, poured a large shot and got the limes ready. But since it was a good quality Tequila (like Patron), we decided sipping was better than doing shots. We each took a sip and immediately had the look of disgust on our face like “who can drink this?” Of course we tried another sip but after that, the Tequila was tossed out. I decided you either do Tequila shots with lime and salt or mix it. But you really don’t want to taste the stuff.

Hopefully by now you have received both thebeautybook Spring 2011 edition and The Industry Source magazine Jan/Fed edition. So far the response has been great to both.

An interesting article came out today that L’Oreal is vulnerable to a take-over and that management is deciding what it can do to prevent it from happening. I know I mentioned this fact in 2010, but the more the rumors float, the more they come true. It is still hard to believe anyone could buy L’Oreal.

I’m ready to start my video blog next week and as promised will be focusing on new products. The video blog will feature Amy B. who will be my spokesperson showing off the products.

The Detroit North American Auto Show starts tonight with the charity preview. Compared to the past few years, this show will be splashier, more extravagant and a lot of players are back such as Porsche. Optimism in the auto industry is very high right now with all 3 American companies riding strong. The question is will they learn from their previous mistakes. Union contracts are due later this Fall and one thing is for certain, no company can afford any mistakes at this point. And for Michigan, let’s be happy the auto industry is improving but let’s still move forward with the grand plan to remake this state without auto industry boom and bust cycles.

Happy Friday!