Do you prefer salty or sugary snacks?

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Subway is cutting the sodium levels in their sandwiches by 15%. That suggests one will only be 110% over the recommended sodium level instead of 125%. And do you notice people actually adding salt to sandwiches?

Do you prefer salt or sugar? I’m a salty type of guy. Costco’s premium peanuts are as good as you can get and love the Cape Cod half fat barbeque chips. However, M&M dark chocolate are pretty addicting.

OPI Black Shatter is hitting our warehouses no later than Monday. This has been a true phenomenon and we are certainly looking forward to the summer Shatter collection.

Apple reported sales growth of 94% over the previous quarter last year. Can you imagine? Apple sold nearly 5 million iPads and could have sold 10 million if they had them. And they sold nearly 20 million iPhones. And when the new iPhone 5 comes out in September, they will sell more than 100 million. Hey Steve Jobs, can you come up with Apple shampoo and conditioner for us?

The sun came out this morning and I had to rush to ER. The doctor told me I had an allergic reaction to something called the sun. But it went away soon enough as the clouds came back in. Is spring ever going to come?

Speaking of lousy weather, I’m off to Chapel Hill, home of the Blue Devils to visit a true devil himself, second son Daniel. Not only is Daniel a Blue Devil, but a Wolverine too. Is there any worse combo? Daniel told me he can count on one hand the days it has rained over the past 8 months. Of course it is raining today and tomorrow.

Is sushi without soy and wasabi worth eating?

Gas is $4 a gallon and will most likely peak at $4.25 – $4.50 before sliding back. With both Ford and Chrysler boasting their top selling vehicles are pick-ups and sales are soaring, do gas prices matter like they used to? Economists claim at $4.50 and higher, they will. Hopefully we won’t need to find out.

Who doesn’t love Moroccanoil?

And who doesn’t love black 15in1? Check out this Facebook page from a salon in Texas:

When you get up from a chair, do you push the chair back into position or leave it as is?

Is Greek yogurt your new favorite thing?

The Red Wings swept the Coyotes. Good news or bad news?

Happy Thursday!