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Every ten years, at least one brand in our industry makes it big. In 1980, we witnessed both Paul Mitchell and Matrix. In 1990 we witnessed ARTec. In 2000, we witnessed Pureology.

And most recently, the brand everyone is talking about is Moroccanoil. Moroccanoil has captured the hearts and souls of hairdressers and consumers like no other brand and its momentum continues to soar.

The Industry Source is very proud of its relationship with Moroccanoil and very excited to distribute the brand in the state of Texas through our Brand Ambassador’s and six store locations.

What we bring to Texas is Moroccanoil’s esteemed Loyalty Program and world class education. Salons are realizing record sales and profits along with the added benefit of being exclusive with the brand. That is because Moroccanoil only allows its products to be sold through authorized salons and spas, and never to retailers or chain accounts.

As a special kick-off, we are hosting a very exclusive launch tour featuring great education, models, food and drink and lots more. We will be in Austin on Sunday, November 13 and Dallas on Monday, November 14. We will also have a very special hands-on class at TheAcademy on Tuesday, November 15 for all our new Loyalty salons.

Indeed this is pure excitement. If you want to hop on board and be among the first Morocannoil Loyalty salons in Texas, give us a call right away. We have a limited number of openings available and like any hot brand, demand will exceed supply.

Put the power of Moroccanoil in your hands.

Happy Monday!