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It’s amazing. We walk into a typical supermarket and don’t even pay attention that there are approximately 39,000 different items on the shelves. We look for what we want to buy, check out the new stuff and see what is on sale.

But if you actually stopped and thought about how each and every product was developed from start to finish, the number of pages would be exhausting. I know firsthand.

Ginger Lily Farms Botanicals (GLFB) is a blockbuster line focused on salons recapturing the magic of salon retail at not only affordable prices but adding an element of fun and marketing appeal. GLFB consists of 10 signature fragrances each available in four formulations: Moisturizing Shampoo, Moisturizing Conditioner, Nourishing Body Wash, and Hand & Body Lotion. All items retail for $10 each.

With the proliferation of products at both salon and retail, we knew we had to create a unique package that stood out. This is where the story begins and why each product you see on a store shelf should be fully appreciated!

Instead of a “stock” bottle and cap, we wanted something to fit our nostalgia theme, yet elegant and timely. We also wanted the product to be the star and show its rich formulation and personalized color palette. Finally, we wanted the bottle to fit nicely in a woman’s hand. The finished bottle took more than 6 months to create. It’s beautiful and exactly what we envisioned: Soft touch, lightly frosted, and shows off the product perfectly.

Next we had to decide on label or silk-screen. Silk-screen is industry standard and especially prevalent at retail. There is no shortage of products being sold at anywhere from $1 to $5 that offer consumers a huge selection but mass market is mass market. So we opted for a label. But we wanted a label that looked like it was “part of the bottle.” Again, this took time and patience but the results were worth it. The finished product is such that the typical consumer won’t know if it is a label or actually part of the bottle. The colors are rich and inviting.

One year later, GLFB is ready to launch. Come to think of it, it took longer than the time it takes to have a baby. And in both instances, the wait was well worth it.

To finish the project, we had to develop unique merchandising enhancements for salons to retail the products. Once again tying in our nostalgia theme, we developed custom wood crates to display the goods and custom gift crates for consumers to make their own GLFB gifts. The results are fantastic and it’s love at first sight. Below are photos of the new line displayed at our corporate store:


We can’t wait see the creativity salons and spas will use to create their own GLFB story.

All I can say it’s all worth the effort and like good old nostalgia, this will be a lot of fun for our customers!

Happy Thursday!