How many paczki's or similar treats will you consumer prior to Lent?

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Today is Paczki Day and if you have never heard of this day, you are lucky. Paczki’s are jumbo crème and jelly filled donuts perfected by Polish bakeries. We are fortunate (or unfortunate) to have some of the best bakeries right here in Hamtramck, just a skip and a beat from downtown Detroit. Each gut-filling creation is about 500 calories and packs a whopping 50% or more of daily fat content. But what the heck, that doesn’t stop most people from consuming two or more in a single day! For donut lovers, they are the ultimate treat. YUM especially when warm!

Of course it’s also Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Can anyone explain to me when it comes to religious holidays why they are revolve around food and drink? And do you know where the term “Fat Tuesday” came from and hence the creation of paczki’s? To use up all the sugar, flour and lard before lent started.

Do you know people (yourself included) that when in conversation with others use the expressions “Always,” “All the time,” and/or “Never” consistently? And it’s not only politicians.

Yesterday was President’s Day, yet another day off for so many people. Worse, schools are closed for 2-5 days this week and then next month is spring break. Is it any wonder that USA students rank 27th in math and 21st in reading worldwide?

Quick question: What percentage of oil consumed in the USA comes from the Middle East?

As NY Fashion Week comes to a close, isn’t it amazing the power of celebrities and prestige brands have that they can get virtually any company to not only donate their products and educators for an entire week or two but also have them pay for the privilege.

The Detroit Red Wings have won 23 straight home games. The MSU Spartans are in first place after clobbering Ohio State, Wisconsin and Purdue. The Tigers start spring ball with World Series aspirations. Even lowly U-M basketball is doing fairly well. It’s a great time to be a sports fan in Michigan.

Salons are looking for that next big thing in 2012 to replace the feather. What will it be?

Looks like Cosmoprof is supporting the upcoming ABS show while Salon Centric is favoring the ISSE show in November. Either way, Chicago wins.

Is Essie going to launch a gel polish line or stay traditional? My guess is no. Besides Essie is having too much fun partying with the celebrities. But I wonder what Max is doing?

Save the date: Sunday, October 7, 2012. It’s the premier of our new signature charity event, Beauty Buzz and it’s going to be quite spectacular.

And the answer to the above question is 16%. You were way off. In fact, 25% of oil comes right from our next door neighbor, Canada. And by 2020, we will be exporting oil to other countries.

Happy Tuesday!