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Who buys souvenirs? I was in Orlando and the airport is souvenir central. I remember as a kid my parents would bring me back something to appease me being gone two weeks. Best selling treat in Florida airports is the coconut squares.

Does the Taco Bell You Tube video make you want to stop eating fast food? Actually, it’s the closed kitchens I worry about most.

Speaking of Orlando, we were exhibiting at the Premier show. Certainly the best show in the industry and if they could get rid of the flea markets operated by both Salon Centric and BSG in the back, it would certainly add a bit of professionalism back to the show.

Disney just raised its ticket price to Disney World to $95 a pop. If they made it $125 a pop, would it make a difference? The place is too busy to enjoy at any price. Endure, endure, endure.

We had a hugely successful warehouse sale this past Sunday with shoppers hunting the warehouse for bargains. And bargains they found. Great job by all the TNG staff to assist the shoppers!!

Sale day 001

Vinylux update: We finally received our wall racks and instead of shipping all 62 shades, we will be shipping 50 shades to those waiting patiently. We still do not have an update on the 12 missing shades but at least we have inventory on all the others. CND had their new booth at the Premier Show staffed with plenty of CND techs sporting Vinylux bright green T-Shirts. Very impressive.

Busiest hair care booth was once again Moroccanoil. They were standing 6 deep to buy goods at regular pricing. Matrix and Paul Mitchell were also busy but they had a huge stage presence.

Airlines are starting to sell annual memberships for baggage (checked and on-board) along with premium economy seats for $399 and $499. Hey if Disney can charge $50 a day per person for a fast pass and Sea World can charge $20 a day for VIP parking, why not? I wonder how much an annual pass at a massage studio chain such as Massage Green or La Vida would cost.

Are more people sick this time of year in history or what? I have never heard about so many bronchitis cases ever. Blame the lousy weather.

Adults 45-54 #1 worry as they get older: Memory. Heck, guys have trouble remembering at all ages.

Happy Monday!