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Happy birthday BUB!

Speaking of birthdays, Tony Cuccio will turn 59 next week. I remember his when he had black hair, thin and wore dark sunglasses in his trade ads. Amazing how fast the years go by.

I just came back from Israel where I along with a few other distributors met with Moroccanoil. We got a full dose of Israel including amazing tours and got to see their factory. I will say that this was my first visit to Israel and had no idea the country was as stunning as it was. The media, religious institutions and others make it sound almost dreary, dangerous and filled with fanatics. But Israel is anything but that and like the U.S., secular. The two main languages are Arabic and Hebrew. Jews and Muslims co-exist and I rarely saw police except for civil infractions. The food and wine is among the best anywhere as they grow virtually 100% of their needs. I can write pages upon pages of the experience but like most that visit once, I too will go back.

Now that Colomer was bought by Revlon, that makes it official: All major pro nail companies are now owned by public companies. OPI by Coty, CND by Revlon and Essie by L’Oreal. Rumor has it yet another nail company will be bought in the next week or two. Could it be Orly?

Speaking of CND, the new Forbidden collection is shipping. Alas, only the Shellac shades are available as they have yet to ship Vinylux. This is going to be one hot collection.

Essie Gel Color is getting closer to launch. 36 shades at $17.50 cost. Too bad they did not name them the same as the polish colors and why not? They matched them up to existing colors. I know I wrote about this before but still hoping they change their minds.

It’s Cheeseburgers in Paradise next Friday at TNG world headquarters. If you are in the neighborhood, stop on by for a Black Angus burger hot off the grill.

The Industry Source First Annual Trade Event takes place Sunday, September 15 from 10AM to 2PM at all 20 store locations. This is going to be a really cool event and the first of its kind in the industry. Registration is open and you must register to attend. There is no admission charge. Education, door busters and special promotions will be featured at all locations but each location will have something a little different to make it even more fun.

49 degrees this morning and it’s August. Summer is over and like Spring, the two best seasons, totally disappointing.

Why is it when you fill up your gas tank, it take a decent amount of time to go from F to M but it zooms from M to E?

And is the cash discount at the pump the biggest scam of all time?

Rumor has it the new iPhone will have fingerprint security. No passcodes or passwords. The iPhone will read your fingerprint to unlock itself. And the new iWatch is coming.

The pleasant owner of the Ambassador Bridge raised rates yet again. Looks like Moroun is making everyone pay for that second bridge.

Between Detroit’s bankruptcy and Windsor’s woes, talk about a bridge over troubled waters.

Happy Friday!