Will the Tigers make the World Series and win it?

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Yes I am guilty as charged. I have blogged less and less. The reason you may ask? Who has time? I have to spend at least an hour a day Tweeting and making sure the Tweets are less than 140 characters. Then I have make sure our position on Facebook is spot on. And how can I forget Pinterest. Oops, there are three more social darlings that I have to research as well that may take up another hour. So after all is said and done, between sleeping, eating, driving and social media I really only have about two hours left to work. Hence, my tardiness on doing my blog.

OK, so a bit of irony and humor. But if I was twenty-something, truth.

Stop on by tomorrow for a quarter-pound black angus dog right off the grill and a big slice of yummy pie. It’s a great way to say good-bye to summer and hello to fall.

The iPhone 5C and 5S goes on sale today. Analysts expect Apple to sell 6 million units over the weekend including pre-orders. I updated the software ios-7 on my 4S and it is sweet, very sweet. I’m opting for the 5S because I think Apple has something up their sleeves with the new 64-bit technology and fingerprint reader.

YIKES, you know it’s that time of year when Costco has their Christmas stuff out and our warehouse is stuffed with both CND and OPI holiday goods. But like summer, holiday goods will be gone in no time.

THE INDUSTRY SOURCE First Annual Store Beauty Event was a big success and we already have the date for 2014. Thanks everyone for making it a lot of fun.

The ForPro brand is hot and getting hotter. Best item for the holiday: Ultrasonic diffusers. They are selling like hotcakes.

Sports is on most everyone’s minds right now. Will the Tigers make it to the World Series? Is Michigan for real as they lucked out big time last week? Will MSU step to the plate against Notre Dame? And the Lions? SOL. How funny is that?

It’s a sad fact but true. Detroit earns the same amount of revenue from taxes from the three casinos as the entire city of Detroit property tax collections. Fascinating article in the Free Press last Sunday about the demise of Detroit. If Ficano is elected major, watch out for Dan Gilbert as he positions Detroit as his own city. His game plan is fully in place, now he needs Ficano to win.

Are you digging McDonald’s new egg white muffin and deep fried wings?

Airlines earned $3.5 billion from baggage fees last year. How about a $1 fee to use shampoo and conditioner at the back bar? Or how about $1 to put polish on when getting a manicure?

Groupon, Facebook, Apple iTunes radio and everything else has gone mobile. Who will own a computer in 5 years?


Happy Friday!