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Jimmy is back at Comerica tomorrow night! Rain is in the forecast but it has never rained in all the years on Jimmy’s party. And for those out of touch with really good music, I’m referring to Jimmy Buffett.

The beauty business is soft but the spa business is booming thanks to huge demand for massage services. One thing consumers have learned long ago is that they can buy hair color and nail polish at mass stores and attempt to do it at home but they have yet to figure out how to give themselves a back massage. J W Marriott is launching their new spas (long overdue) to take advantage of the boom. Their new concept is quite cute: Quickie treatments ranging from 10 to 25 minutes. They identified four categories their customers will be interested in: Calm; Indulge; Invigorate and Renew. Funny thing is Biotone has figured this out too when they launched their new Aromatherapy massage lotions. All are available at THE INDUSTRY SOURCE. What ‘s good for J W may be good for other spas as well. The express spa idea is a good one.

Aromatherapy Massage Lotion Calming GallonAromatherapy Massage Lotion Renewal GallonAromatherapy Massage Lotion Energy GallonAromatherapy Massage Lotion Bliss Gallon

Speaking of good ideas, OPI is launching a new line of polish late fall. It features new technology and will be a boom to salons and spas much like gel polish was. We will be on the forefront of this major launch and it will continue the excitement of the nail polish category. Get your sunglasses ready!

Cosmoprof Las Vegas was a true disappointment for many. In fact the soccer match on Sunday proved to be the highlight of the show. Way too many booths and way not enough buyers on the floor. I was appalled to see salons and spas walking the floor and once again, they didn’t even know it was a trade event for manufacturers, retailers and distributors. Next year’s event will be truly interesting with retail being the new focus.

The wait is finally over! Little Diva, Diva and Lil’ Darling Pedi Packs are finally in stock. The first ever products targeted for girls and spa parties, the kits have been wildly popular since being introduced. The matching robes and wraps should be in stock next week.

Little Diva Pedi-PackDiva Pedi-PackL’il Darling Pedi-Pack

It’s already the last week of July with August right around the corner. Where is summer going?

Have you seen the new Walgreen’s flagship stores yet? You walk in and you cannot believe it is a drugstore. Perhaps that because the new stores are not drugstores. You walk in and are instantly greeted and asked where you want to go or what are you looking for. The floors are wood and has the feel of a high end department store. The beauty section has consultants to answer questions and everything is merchandised perfectly. Yes, they sell plenty of prescription drugs but for all other goods, they are in abundance. The price of competition just went up. The only thing I was surprised about: They don’t have pop-up salon services. . .yet.

Desperate times at Sally Beauty Company? They have been running 20% to 25% storewide promotions on everything online for the past few weeks. They have never advertised so heavily and at such deep discounts.

Exciting news coming from black 15in1 but not until August 12. However a sneak preview is that black 15in1 Miracle Hair Treatment won a major award.

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And I will leave you with one of my all time favorite Jimmy songs, One Particular Harbor. Enjoy!

Happy Friday!