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UPDATED September 24, 2104: The latest details on OPI INFINITE SHINE on this week’s blog post or view the product line.

One of my favorite readers reminded me that I haven’t blogged this month and that would be the first time since blogs were created. OMG, with that I wondered what happened to August, what happened to summer (that never came) and are those yellow busses actually back on the road. Actually this has been a busy month celebrating BUB’s birthday, plus a trade show and finalizing plans for 2015. YIKES, 2015 is around the corner.

Speaking of birthday’s, the one and only Tony Cuccio just celebrated his 60th. I remember seeing his photo when he was 18 selling nail polish on Venice Beach. Happy Birthday Tony!

We spent a few days in Seattle and one must do the Pike Street market. It truly lives up to its reputation. If you love fresh seafood and fish, this place is for you. Two pound lobster tails galore, quarter pound prawns and hundreds and hundreds of pounds of wild salmon and halibut. They sell more than 5000 bouquets of flowers a day at $5 to $10 a pop. Seafood chowder is among the specialty things to eat and is quite good. It is also the home of the original Starbuck’s. We waited in line for 30 minutes just to get to the front of the store and then decided to bale. Starbucks is everywhere in Seattle but I thought Tully coffee was even better.

black 15in1 Miracle Hair Treatment won Good Housekeeping’s Hair Award for best frizz and shine product.

Just completed my annual physical. The doctor asked his usual 50 questions like “Do you have this or do you experience this,” and I thought and figured out that eventually I will be answering yes to those questions. YIKES!

Michigan State is the team to beat this year. Now that we won the Rose Bowl last year, can we match up to the hype this year? Season starts Friday night.

OK, I know the bacon craze is alive and well, but does America really need this???


Here is a startling statistic for you. In the U.S., there are more than 1.3 million licensed hair and nail professionals. 92% work independently. The study put out by the PBA claims there are only 92,000 or so salons that employ full time employees (more than one). Average hours worked is less than 30 per week.

OPI is launching its new7-10 day nail lacquer later this year and THE INDUSTRY SOURCE will be pioneers in launching the line. Stay tuned as this is OPI’s first innovation since they were acquired by Coty and it promises to be a huge launch. Unlike CND’s Vinylux, this system requires both a special base and top coat. 30 shades at launch. Stay tuned!

How can I not share this with you: Inside the original Nordstrom’s we came across this display:

Yep, the famous shoe designer, Christian Louboutin, came out with his signature red in a nail polish (far right). Price: $50. Demand was so high and it sold out so fast that the company fast tracked the collection and added another 30 shades that launches this week.

Or if you prefer you can pick up a pair of these instead for only $1095.

Happy Wednesday!