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OMG! Are you old enough to remember Spic and Span? Do a Google search and you will learn that two housewives invented it in 1933 and the name came from the word “clean.”

We love clean. Clean homes, clean clothes, clean cars, clean skin.

We also love shiny. Shiny shoes, shiny cars, shiny hair and shiny nails. In fact the two hottest categories in beauty right now are focused on shiny hair and shiny nails.

All of which brings me to one of the most exciting launches in 2014 and perhaps the most important one for OPI since their launch of nail lacquer. It’s called INFINITE SHINE.


What makes INFINITE SHINE a game changer is that it actually solidifies a third and final category for nail color. CND’s Vinylux created the category and now INFINITE SHINE will make all other nail polish brands come out with their own extended wear polish.

INFINITE SHINE’s brand promise is this: Shine until you remove the polish. We’re not just talking amazing colors and amazing results that last between 7-10 days, we’re talking about amazing shine.

Now I do have some reservations about all this shine. For instance, when wearing INFINITE SHINE and driving, users must be careful that the sun’s reflection doesn’t hit the nails. People will be focused on nails more than ever and accessories such as handbags and shoes may drop in popularity. And can you image those shiny nails on a yoga mat? Downward dog will never be the same.

All kidding aside, INFINITE SHINE confirms the third category of nail color.

  • Category 1: Regular lacquer that lasts 3-5 days for those that love quick changes.
  • Category 2: Extended wear high shine lacquer that lasts 7-10 days.
  • Category 3: Gel color that lasts two weeks and longer.

I have been testing INFINITE SHINE for the past week at one of our signature salons. Results have been impressive. The owner of the salon asked a very good question: “How much should we charge for this?” Here is what I told her:

  • Category 1: Current manicure price
  • Category 2: Add $5 to current manicure price
  • Category 3: Add $15 to current manicure price

The fact that INFINITE SHINE does not require LED or UV light and removes with any polish remover will be a huge selling point to consumers. Plus the fact that OPI will spend $$$$ on consumer advertising, INFINITE SHINE will be a requirement to have in your salon/spa.

THE INDUSTRY SOURCE will be receiving the first shipments of INFINITE SHINE in the U.S.A. We are now accepting pre-orders on our website and all orders received by October 17 will receive free shipping. But don’t wait too long, the goods won’t last long.

Happy Wednesday!