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Now that the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day are over with, can we get back to normal eating patterns? Of course there is nothing like comfort food when the thermometer is below zero (caution, food alert below!).

While I didn’t have a chance to watch the 40th Anniversary of SNL, my problem is that I remember the premier season all too well.

Hot new hair products coming out this Spring:

Brazilian Blowout b3 Brazilian Bond Builder. b3 Brazilian Bond Builder is a one-step professional tool that can be mixed into any color formulation to help re-attach and build bonds.

Pai-shau (Passion for Life) is the new hair care line from previous executives of Moroccanoil. The signature product Biphasic Infusion is a breakthrough elixir containing the highest content of their Exotic Tea Complex.

CND has finally unveiled its new LED light. Design-driven, the light actually cures only the fingertips allowing the hand to be LED-free. MSRP will be $299.95. Look for a May launch and we will have some extra goodies for the launch. It can be used for both Shellac and Brisa systems. To compliment the new light will be their Xpress5 Shellac top coat that will remove in only 5 minutes.

A-Cups by ForPro is a runaway success. So much that the starter kit is sold out until April. We are working quickly as we can to get new inventory into stock.

Also hot are the new 10-Minute Therapeutic Paraffin Hands and Feet from Paraffin Wax Works. Proof that innovation sells.

Paraffin Wax Works 10-Minute Therapeutic Paraffin Hands

Speaking of which Apple’s new iWatch goes on sale in April. $350 will get you a basic model, $1000 stainless and for $4000, gold. Rumor on the street is that Apple will deliver an electric car within 10 years. Can you imagine the technology behind that?

Here’s the thing about time. It zooms by way too fast but then we all want Spring to come as fast as possible. Does New Year’s Eve seem like 6 weeks ago?

Shake Shack went public and a business with less than $5 million in profit is now worth more than $1.5 billion. They just opening in Las Vegas and recently Chicago. 600 calories each for their 3 signature items: Cheeseburger, fries and fat-laden custard shake. An entire day worth of calorie consumed in 15 minutes (or sooner). But I am sure it is tasty.

T or F? We never get tired of looking at pictures of tasty food? But what is the burger without the fries?

OK, I knew it. You want the shake too.

Frozen Custard

OK now I am hungry. Looking forward to steam veggies and whitefish for dinner tonight. How about you?

Happy Monday!