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How about those Spartans? Even the most diehard fans including myself would have never guessed they would have made the Final Four. This is perhaps Izzo’s greatest accomplishment in his 20 years with State. Congrats to Izzo and the entire team. Go STATE!

L’Oreal has figured out to successfully sell products to both the pro and retail markets (does anyone care?). It is just another reason why salons are imploding while the booth rental market is exploding. In case you are interested here is L’Oreal’s latest retail color line to hit the market. Exert courtesy of CEW:

Covering gray just got easier thanks to L’Oréal Paris who, earlier this year, launched their Excellence Age Perfect hair color system, specifically targeted for those 55-plus.

Although the company produces a bevy of hair color products, this is the first one that addresses Baby Boomers, who continue to be a rapidly expanding segment of the population.

“The Baby Boomer woman is in the process of understanding who she is while recreating her life so she can have a second chance and new opportunities for herself,” said Dr. Alexis Abramson, Ph D, and Baby Boomer Lifestyle Expert. “ Excellence Age Perfect understands her from the lifestyle point of view as opposed to just the beauty point of view. History has pointed us to turning the clock back, but the Baby Boomer doesn’t want that. She wants an ageless look and an ageless lifestyle. That’s what’s new. The conversation about beauty has changed. What makes a woman beautiful has never been more interesting.”

To help speak to these women, the company enlisted long time L’Oréal spokesperson, Diane Keaton. “She’s truly a woman who inspires us and who we admire and we felt she spoke to the baby boomer generation,” explained Julia Yousseff, L’Oréal USA Technical Center Vice President.

According to L’Oréal, by the age of 45, over 50% of women are affected by gray. “73% of the women we interviewed said they don’t feel their age,” added Justin Giouzepis, Vice President of Marketing at L’Oréal Paris. “One-third said they didn’t want to be 25 again. 60% said they were more confident than before, while one-fourth of the women 50-plus feel beauty brands are not speaking to them.” Justin also said that these women are still in the work force, they lead an active life, have hobbies and that the end goal is to keep them in the hair color category longer.

Another bonus? The product, which took five years to create, is enriched with collagen and Ceramide R, which targets and repairs while adding shine and softness. It also contains restorative ingredients that help one’s mane feel volumized, thicker, and renewed.

As with anything L’Oréal develops, research played an important role. The company conducted more than 500 trials in three different countries, 2,000 applications in the US, and 10 qualitative tests were administered globally.

Other additions include bigger and clearer font size on the directions found inside, a dual-sized brush specifically designed for hard to reach angles, and smaller bristles addressing the scalp and hairline abound the face. As of now, eight shades are available with other colors following next year.

OPI is launching Colorpaints this May to capitalize on the small but trendy nail art side of nails. The key to the system is the silver base coat that makes the nail plate act as a canvas for the Colorpaints. The line will launch with 8 colors. You can use nail art brushes and dotters to create an infinite amount of designs. We tested it out and it works well. It can also be used as nail polish as some of the colors are pretty unique.


Speaking of nails, CND is finally coming out with their first LED light April 15. More details to come. $299.95 MSRP.

THE INDUSTRY SOURCE will be launching its VIP program for select TIS REWARDS customers May 1. VIP members will have the ability to receive new products for reviewing, receive the monthly sale catalog first and learn about new products as they come in.

Paraffin Wax Works new 10-MINUTE Therapeutic Hands and Feet have been wildly successful. Now that Thermasoft products are no longer on the market, spas are loving the benefits and results.

With both Easter and Passover this weekend, next week is the official start to spring, pedi season and warmer weather. Like last year warmer weather is eagerly awaited.

TNG celebrates 30 years in business this year and it’s going to be a lot of fun. 30 years is a long time and so much has changed over the years. So many names and faces along with companies are long gone. One thing for certain is the concept of reinvention and innovation is as important today as it was 50 and 100 years ago. All the current mania is in the technology field (apps galore) but I love the fact we are still a product-based company.

Happy Monday!