Will you buy an Apple Watch?

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As you know I am an Apple addict having just about every Apple product on earth. Our design team uses the latest and greatest Mac’s so in my world Apple rules (only Android people don’t understand this and most likely Google named it Android for that reason).

April 24 is National Watch Day. You cannot just walk into an Apple store and buy the watch ($349 and up to more than $10,000). Nope you have to register online for a 15-minute appointment. You see the executive in charge of sales is from Burberry and she wants to exact the same luxury treatment as Burberry did. In a nutshell, upgrade you to better watch bands and more silver and gold styles.

As an avid BusinessWeek reader, they just came out with their review of the watch. It’s 6 minutes but worth it.


Will I buy the watch out of the gate? Most likely not. If was bluetooth to my iPod when running, slam dunk. But you have to carry your iPhone to use most of the options. Most likely second generation.

Next week CND will host a live event kicking off their new LED light that is five years in the making. It’s novel design focuses on the fingernails and not the hand and from what I have seen, works well. It also features multiple timer switches so it can be used with both Shellac and Brisa. MSRP will be $299.95 but there will be plenty of promotions to offset the high price point. You can click here to see the exclusive promotion THE INDUSTRY SOURCE is running while supplies last.

To learn more about the light, this video is pretty good.


All in all April is a very exciting month with the latest and greatest technology being introduced.

Happy Wednesday!