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You know it has been a long winter when you start to appreciate dandelions.

According to Elon Musk, batteries will never be the same. The founder of Tesla recently introduced two battery packs, one for consumers and one for business. These “powerpacks” will store solar electricity so the power can be used at night. Amazing concept. Here is a thought. If you can connect wirelessly virtually everywhere, don’t you think it’s only a matter of time before the plug becomes obsolete? Already Apple is focusing on wireless charging.

Speaking of plugs, the new CND LED lights are a huge hit. We sold out our pre-sale allotments and the Rainbow collection is sold out. We have more Bright collections that just arrived. But less than 200 remain and they will be gone.  And just announced, the new OPI LED light collections. Order early as these too will sell out quickly.

Jimmy Buffett is playing at the new West Riverside Park Detroit in June. What is up with that? I know Jimmy loves grass, but at his age, not the grass you sit on. And why is Zac Brown playing Comerica instead?

I’m very excited to launch Living Proof. Why? For once the roles are reversed. Instead of retail riding on the coat tails of the pro beauty biz, we get to ride on the coat tails of retail. The brand has an amazing story and real chemistry behind it. Now salons finally have an opportunity to offer a showcase brand that consumers are already familiar with. Official launch date June 5 available in stores and through our AR’s. Slam dunk, thank you ma’am.

The earthquake in Nepal was devastating with thousands killed and thousands injured. Worse there is so little infrastructure (the capital city Katmandu barely had electricity) it will take months just to get back to normal. At least there was a bit of good news in that the people that makes Pure Essential Oil Works Tingsha Bells survived and started a relief effort.

Our best selling ForPro Premium Flannel Sheet Sets are now available in four luscious new colors: Lavender, Ocean Blue, Powder Blue and Wisteria. Our sheets are so soft and comfy you never want to get up from the bed.

Speaking of getting a massage, destination spas have it down to a science. I get massages frequently and I have always said that I would rather spend money on enjoyment than spending money on misery. One night in a hospital is equivalent to more than 100 massages. Which would you prefer? The whole experience starts with the robe. There is something about putting on a robe that puts you in “the mood” to relax and chill out. And if you want the best spa “chill out” robe, check out our new ForPro Microfiber Plush robe. With these, I think we should designate one day a year, “National Robe Day.”

Who is going to be the next President of the U.S.A.? At any time in American history has the state of politics been any worse? In fact a new study shows that trust is an all-time low of our leaders in all areas. Who do you trust?

Happy Thursday!