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I don’t know about you but did September come quickly and is it already half gone? When Costco has its Christmas stuff out already (do we really need to buy Starbuck’s Christmas blend now?), you know 2015 will be history soon.

Who eats bread anymore? Brownberry’s 100-calorie Sandwich Thins are all the rage. They are actually quite amazing, the size of a hamburger bun and you can load them up without breaking and very tasty. Two slices of bread are 240 calories. Now you can have a bag of Baked Chips for the same calories or better yet, save the calories.

With the price of gas going back below $2.00 a gallon and more SUV’s and pickup’s being sold than ever, why is the price of Ford and GM stock so low? Perhaps analysts are paying attention to the future. Mercedes just announced it will have an electric car by 2018. Meanwhile industry leader Tesla just got a perfect 100 score on its current model and is releasing its first SUV September 29. Remember how Toyota slammed the Big 3 when small cars were in demand? Gas at $2 a gallon cripples demand for electric now but the smart money is on electric in the future. Watch this and come up with your own conclusion.

What’s hot at THE INDUSTRY SOURCE? Pure Essential Oil Works diffusers and oils; Pure Himalayan Salt Works salt lamps; Paraffin Wax Works 10-minute paraffin treatments; ForPro Scrap Files; and OPI Starlight collections.

I am so excited about TNG’s 30th anniversary. In fact we are taking the entire company on a fab 30/60 celebration weekend October 23. It is a total mystery where we are going but it will be totally fun and memorable. All stores will be closed Friday and Saturday October 23-24. TIS will close at 12:30PM. You only turn 30 once!

Speaking of fun and a great cause, TNG is proud to sponsor ACS Strides October 10 in Detroit. Really fun this year is that the walk kicks off at Hart Plaza and the course follows the Riverfront. If you have never been downtown or experienced the Riverfront you will love it. Please join our team or come on your own.

What’s up with the pro beauty industry? Nothing. When was the last hair care company to start that made it? Although 10 years old, Living Proof is proving that pro and retail can co-exist. They are a model for the future of pro beauty. The one big test we will learn: How important is education? With booth renters dominating the scene, where is the $$$ going to come from to pay for classes? Eliminating that budget would be huge. Then again our CND Holiday workshop sold out 100 tickets in less than a week.

I’m addicted to Snack Factory’s Pretzel Crisps. So good. And so good dipping into one of those individual cups of hummus that Costco sells.

Now Jeff Bezos is in the rocket business. Bezos envisions people in space during his lifetime. Don’t bet against him.

Speaking of Bezos, I have come to the conclusion that America only needs 5 companies for 95% of its needs. Here they are in no particular order: Amazon.com; Apple; Google; Costco; and Starbucks. If you think I am crazy think about this: Not using one of the companies products for one week. It’s not possible.

And finally speaking of what is possible, is it possible that Donald becomes the 45th president of the USA? And Cuba becomes the 51st state?

Happy Wednesday!