Are you more shocked that MSU won or the Lions won?

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There is nothing worse being a Spartan fan than going to Ann Arbor and enduring 110,000 obnoxious Wolverine fans. Traffic sucks and you have to get there at least 4 hours prior. Parking is $60 if you can find it. Restaurants are packed and walking 5 miles in the cold is the only thing you can do to stay somewhat warm.

This was the game of the year for both teams and having beat U-M 5 of the last 6 meetings, this game was pivotal to both programs.

As predicted the game was close throughout and State surely had opportunities to lead if the receivers didn’t drop so many passes. With the score 23-21 in favor of U-M and only 10 seconds left in the game, even MSU handed the Paul Bunyan trophy over to U-M. Vegas put the odds of MSU winning at .2. Yep that is two-tenths of one percent.

The rest is history and no doubt will be one of the top 10 final plays in football history forever.

As a State fan, I am very quiet yet excited to be 7-0. You have to go back to 1948 when a first-year Michigan coach beat the Spartans in year one. Harbough was oh-so close. But oh-so-close is only good in tiddlywinks and hand grenades.


Very, very happy Monday!