Perhaps the most surprised couple in America this morning was Karen and Mike Pence. It dawned on them, “Damn, we have to pack up and move to Washington.”

Amazing enough, my loyal readers voted all along Trump for President and you were right on the entire time.

People are done with the cesspool in Washington, they want change but are plenty scared at the same time.

I’m not going to write anything political or even mention who my candidate was. The only thing important to me is that I am running a business with more than 300 people depending on our success for their livelihood. The more government steps in and taxes, tariffs, harasses, regulates and tells us how much to pay salaried workers, the more difficult it is to stay in business let alone try to grow the business. The latest Obama regulation concerning salaried employees was perhaps his last stab in the back to business, small and large.

Trump now has the power as the 45th President of the USA to make a difference. His acceptance speech was brilliant, calm and collected. He gave hope to all Americans.

But back to business. It is business that manufacturers and grows products that consumers can buy and eat. Thousands of businesses depend on TNG  to provide them goods and services so they can be successful. And like our mission statement, “100% Customer Success”, the more successful our customers are the more successful TNG will be.

What Trump has the power to do is to make “America great again”. Yes that is his slogan. Mind you, America is by far the greatest country in the world already and mostly because we are the greatest democracy on earth.

What is really going to make America great again is innovation. Obama stifled innovation perhaps more than any other President. No sitting President executed more executive orders than him. It is no wonder that businesses aren’t spending on equipment and technology. It’s no wonder why growth sucks. The next wave of innovation will come from many places including pharmaceuticals. Witness their stocks going up today as Obama suppressed innovative drugs coming to market that patients desperately wanted. We now have the chance to see some amazing things over the next few years.

As for TNG, we started our own innovation revolution a few years back and 2017 looks to be our most innovative year yet. With Trump in, we now have even more ambition to invest and spend for the future. And multiply that enthusiasm across the land,  you can see that the future can be very good indeed.

Now for everything else that matters, I will let others defer to those subjects. In the meantime, change is scary and I get that. But with change and risk come rewards and finally we will have a government that understands this.

Happy Wednesday!