Happy New Year 2015!

How long will gas stay under $2 a gallon?

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The New Year came in with a bang with icy cold conditions and the price of oil plummeting as never before. This will certainly be the year of the perspective.

Perspective A: Gas under $2 a gallon is great news right? Sure thing for delivery companies, airlines and raw material producers.

Perspective B: Gas under $2 a gallon is bad news right? Sure thing for the part of the economy that has helped grow the economy over the past 6 years. Who wants to invest in fracking and oil exploration when costs exceed revenues?

Perspective C: Consumers will spend more money on goods and services since they don’t have to spend money filling their tanks? True but consumers have a history of fading their savings quickly and reallocating their budgets so their net gain is minimal. Hence the surge in new trucks and SUV’s and the death of hybrids and small cars.

Perspective D: All of this is bad for Russia, Venezuela and other oil producing countries? Yes but at what cost? Europe is tied to this mess and now Greece is getting ready for another default and with talk about them leaving the Euro, what good is going to come from this?

OK so what does all this have to do with beauty? The same thing it has to do with who is going to win college’s first national championship and who is going to win the Super Bowl. Not much of anything.

Sorry but I have to mention that amazing MSU comeback victory against Baylor. Even non-MSU fans have to admit it was quite a feat. T or F? Baylor will be celebrating prematurely in future games?

Sorry but I have to mention the Lions finding yet another way to lose a playoff game. Oh sure the team and diehard fans can fault the ref for picking up the flag on the pass interference call. But really, the Lions gave the game away once again. If they just won in Green Bay, none of this nonsense would have ever happened and they would be preparing for this Sunday’s game instead.

Vicki Peters didn’t make it to 2015 passing away just a couple days before New Year’s. I knew Vicki way back when and she did a great job making a name for herself in the nail business. Sadly she passed away from cancer.

What’s going to be hot in beauty this year? Check out THEBEAUTYBOOK 2015 Spring edition and find out.

The Beauty Book

My next blog will mention my favorites for 2015. I will briefly mention the new Amber A-Cups by ForPro and Caption nail polish line by Young Nails as name-brand favorites. The concepts are amazing and products perform flawlessly.


This will be the year of the Apple watch, 5-minute pizza franchises and the end of cupcakes. It will be the year U-M fans can finally start smiling although those smiles will be short-lived. It will be 15 years since Y2K and one can only wonder where 15 years went. It will be the year both Bill Gates and myself turn 60 and TNG turns 30. It will be also mark my 25th anniversary and second grandchild (first girl!). It will also be the year that the FED finally raises short-term interest rates and both the GOP and Dem’s figure out their running mates in 2016. All in all, it will be another interesting year in which nothing really much matters except staying healthy. And with that my friends is my wish for all in 2015. The rest will take care of itself.

Happy New Year 2015!