It’s A Good Time to be a MSU Spartan and TNG Rebel

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#3 in Football. #1 in Basketball. On our way to the first New Year Eve game (why would they plan a game on NYE?) vs. Alabama and 9-point dogs. Just the way we like it. It’s a good time to be a MSU Spartan.

But it wasn’t always like this. In fact when I went to State we had some spurts with basketball (Magic Johnson a bit later) but we haven’t won a national championship since 1966 (we have 6 to our credit) so this would be the 50th anniversary if we can pull it off January 11.

On the other hand U-M has won 11 national championships and has the highest winning record in NCAA football. It’s no wonder the state of Michigan has more Wolverine fans and can fill their 110,000+ stadium.

However times are changing. Izzo won the national championship in 2000 and has been in more Final Fours than any other active coach. Dantonio has just as an impressive resume and records are being made left and right. Even ESPN is finally starting to believe in MSU. This is our era and the more we keep on winning the more people in Michigan will be wearing Spartan gear and home games will be sold out regularly.

And nothing in the above tells the entire story how MSU has moved up in the academic rankings and is building a world-class business school on campus and medical program in Grand Rapids that features cutting-edge research.

I was at the B10 Championship game and a record-setting crowd of 66,000+ were there to watch the domination of previous unbeaten Iowa. Their fans came to support them (2 to 1) but in the end, they couldn’t help but to watch the winning 22-play drive demolish their hopes. The Spartans grind teams into submission and then figure out a way to win. It’s all part of Dantonio’s master plan.

So Wolverine fans, now is the time to trash the maize and blue and sport the green and white. The Salvation Army is taking donations all month.

It’s also a fab time to be a TNG Rebel. We are celebrating our 30th year in business  and having the most fun in the company history. As a reader of this blog you already know about our 30/60 Celebration trip to NYC. However this is the year that we collected more than $75,000 for ACS and went well past the $2 million dollar mark on our way to $3 million. Right now we are in the midst of collecting for Forgotten Harvest and donating time at the Baldwin Center.

TNG is one of only 13 companies to win the MI Top Places to Work competition 7 years in a row (since its inception) and we have finished in the top 5 four of the last five years. This is from a field of more than 1500 companies that enter each year.

This weekend is our Annual Meeting, always a great time and the team is super-primed. You can call it our Championship game and the best thing is we don’t have any opponent to beat.

I like to compare life at TNG to life at MSU. Both organizations strive to be the very best and have the best people working for them. We celebrate success and strive to do better each year. And we have great stories to share.

We even have Spartan Day in which our talent can wear MSU gear. I am happy to say that in 2015 we have the highest percentage ever wearing Spartan gear so we are leading the way. Yes, it’s a great time to be both a Spartan and Rebel.

Happy Tuesday!