Out Of My Mind On A Wednesday Afternoon

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What is with drivers these days? One, there have been more road deaths this year than any year in history. Two, drivers are driving slower than ever in the fast lane and don’t even care and third, why do drivers constantly put their brakes on when there is no reason to? I remember when driving used to be fun and let’s not even talk about all the worthless construction taking place.

Take one look at Michigan State University, my alma matter, and you want to throw up. First the dean of the business school gets fired and now President Stanley is in the hot seat. Most likely he needs to go but what about the board of trustees who operate the university like their political football. The fact the board wanted only democrat suppliers to sell to the university was so unscrupulous and so deceitful, it is best we re-elect a whole new board. And how is it MSU has record freshman enrollment and a four-year degree now costs north of $100K? Thank the federal government guaranteeing student debt, another debacle. And football? F—k the fans, it is all about the $$$. Why else would MSU play a high school team at 4:00PM and U-M play another high school team that lasts past midnight.

Inflation? Recession? We were up north last weekend and there certainly is no recession up there or any worries about inflation. And this being after the holiday weekend. I travel a lot but I have never seen so many people traveling as much as now. Point in fact. Delta flies to Vegas from Detroit 5-6 times a day and fares started in the $300 range. Now fares are well over $500 and even $700 and the planes are still sold out. Going to Mexico is now double what it used to be.

Want to beat Alzheimer’s? Walk at least 30 minutes a day and you will decrease your odds of getting it by 50%. Want to beat the Detroit Lions? Just show up at Ford Field or wherever else they play.

Is there anyone more famous or in the news than Elon Musk? He is worth $275M and going past $300M very quickly. Tesla makes both Ford and GM irrelevant in market value (TSLA worth about $900B, while both Ford and GM worth about $59B each). Then again, would you want to be Elon Musk?

Good news is that container costs are coming down. Last year about this time they were more than $25K and now running about $16-$18K. Bad news is that Biden is still playing politics when it comes to Chinese tariffs. And all fingers and toes crossed there is no rail strike. More than 26% of all goods are shipped by rail and the strike would be devastating. Worse, bulk food is shipped by rail which would be increase food inflation even more than 11.5%.

Some ask if I miss our printed catalog and I have to say the answer is yes. It was always a big deal and joy when the latest version came out. But alas, with pricing so volatile and TNG constantly updating its inventory mix, the electronic version is my best friend. So user friendly and always up-to-date!

ULTA keeps blowing away the competition. Last quarter was their best one ever, record sales and profits. Thank God for beauty, right! Like travel, consumers can’t get enough beauty products after the pandemic and it sure beats looking at luscious lips than face masks!

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Out Of My Mind On A Wednesday Afternoon

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Here is the state of the world we now live in:

Squid Games. Of course you watched it. The first episode was riveting. Who knew being eliminated in a game meant death? I made it through five episodes, the marble game episode was so disgusting. Why are we fascinated watching innocent people die?

Joe Biden. Has the U.S.A. ever had a more incompetent President? From the borders to his forgetting what to say in speeches to the infrastructure bill to giving away free money to the point people don’t want to work anymore. Biden has made it possible for Americans to quit their jobs and say f—k it. We have more labor strikes since 1945.

Bitcoin. Who is going to win the digital currency war?

Elon Musk. How can one man be worth more than $300 billion or more than Exxon? Or worth more than Toyota, GM and Ford combined? When Tesla reaches $2 trillion in valuation, he will be worth more than $600 billion. The answer: EV’s and batteries are the world’s future and he has more than a ten year head start. Ford is so far behind, much like the Detroit Lions who have yet to win a game this year.

Inflation. It’s here and will be here for a while. Good news for now: Consumers are more than happy to pay higher prices to get the goods they want to buy.

COVID-19. Vegas is packed and you must wear a face mask indoors. It’s the new way of life.

Twisted. I don’t know about you, but watching quick recipe videos is addicting. In a post-COVID world, more people are addicted to something than ever before.

Big companies. You have to go back to the 1920’s when the likes of Ma Bell and Standard Oil ruled the world. Never has so few companies dominated the economy and daily lives of people. Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Netflix, Costco, and Target. Can you live a single day without one of them?

Jokes. What are jokes? No wonder Seinfeld reruns continue to be the most watched TV series. Post-COVID, laughter is in short supply.

Customer service. Wait, you actually want to talk to someone?

TNG Worldwide. Hey, it’s my blog and I have to write about TNG, right? We’re still at it since 1985 and one thing consumers want most are dependable companies to do business with. And they want new and innovate products too. Now in stock: New and improved nitrile, clear vinyl and black vinyl gloves and next month we launch our holiday gift guide with the most ever new products.

The weather. It’s only getting worse.

2022. Only a couple months away, can you believe? This will tell us the true state of the world we live in. God only knows what the election has in store for us.

Happy Wednesday!

Out Of My Mind On A Tuesday Mornin’

Do you listen to Howard Stern?

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Howard Stern made it official today, another five years at Sirius XM. And why not? He works three days a week and is live M-W 7:00AM-10:00AM. I love what he has done for the company and he has been spot on during COVID. Good call Howard!

On the other hand, Governor Whitmer added more holiday misery to Michigan’s dining, entertainment and hospitality industries extending the order to December 20. We need these folks in business for their livelihoods. Restaurants, movie theaters and other venues have proven they have taken the right steps to prevent outbreaks. Tell me, when they took our names and phone numbers when we were seated at a restaurant, how many times did restaurants actually have to call customers about an outbreak? None that were reported.

My two new favorite products are Ginger Lily Farms Botanicals Red Kaolin Clay Mask and ForPro Professional Collection Peppermint Cooling Gel. I used both products for a pedicure and my feet feet never felt so good afterwards. The clay mask is also amazing for facials and hands. The cooling gel is also excellent for sports massage and sore muscles. Oh, the smell of it is so delicious you will want to eat it, smells just like a York peppermint.

Peppermint leaves next to Ginger Lily Farms Botanicals Red Kaolin Clay Mask 64 oz. white jar

ForPro Premium Peppermint Cooling Gel 64 oz. bottle next to peppermint leaves set on a black background

After more than 60 years, IKEA decided to ditch its catalog. Not only makes sense, but they will no longer have to produce and print 200 million copies. Sucks to being the printer losing that business.

Wella formed its own division separate from Coty December 1. What was one of the first things they did? Give Sally Beauty a deal to sell OPI polish for $5 to consumers. 

I haven’t played Texas Hold’em since February and not sure when the next time I will be able to play at a casino in Michigan. So what am I going to do instead? That’s right, after a very long hiatus, I am going to try golf once again.

Inflation is coming. With the dollar falling more than 12% recently and metals increasing due to COVID recovery, we are seeing tremendous price increases from our factories in China from foil sheets to diffusers. Also freight containers from China have gone from $4500 to $7500 and demand is at a near record so costs will continue to escalate. Watch for higher prices second half 2021.

Nitrile gloves continue to be in short supply and prices are going up again. The biggest maker of them, TopGlove, had to shut down most of its factories in Malaysia due to COVID. I would not be surprised to see prices at $30 a box and higher in 2021.

Tesla, Tesla, Tesla. Elon Musk will shortly be the richest person in the world. And just to think that just a few years ago, he was nearly broke. Shorts have lost billions in the stock and come December 21, TSLA will be added to the S&P 500. The stock is already up more than 800% and one analyst pegged it over $1000 (recently at $630) which would put the value of the company near $1 trillion. If Musk merged SpaceX with Tesla, certainly the value would go even higher. Musk is truly an American success story and I look forward to see how Tesla fares over the next decade.

The end of business desk phones? We are exploring options to eliminate them altogether and using desktops for voice calls. Then again, who needs desk phones unless you are a telemarketer?

Happy Tuesday!