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One Margarita, Two Margaritas, Three Margaritas, SHOT!  Luke Bryan won a CMA for that song. And now more than 100 million Americans can cheer with that song since they got at least one shot. One shot (Moderna or Pfizer) is 86% effective and getting both shots is around 95%. I got my first shot a couple weeks ago and next one coming up soon. The process is simple (I signed up at riteaid.com). The shot is quick and painless although some have reactions like a sore arm for a day or two. The second shot, especially for women, can have unpleasant side effects that last up to three days. But hey, it’s better than getting COVID and 95% is a whole lot better than 86%. If you aren’t vaccinated, now is the time. Eventually all travel, concerts and even large social events will require it.

Who would have thought that the hottest fragrance in personal care products is ZERO. That’s right. Perhaps Old Spice has sickened too many consumers with their odd fragrances or consumers are just tired of smelling like something they don’t want to smell like. Or perhaps it’s the new wave for the new generation of consumers that don’t want anything extra added to their products. Ginger Lily Farms already has the best-selling gallon fragrance-free soap and now our new line of ZeroDerm products is in huge demand. All ZeroDerm products are free of just about everything, amazing for people with allergies, and the lotion is dermatologist approved and lasts up to 24 hours. The best-seller so far is body wash and already the #1 gallon seller on Amazon. The line also includes shampoo, conditioner and hand soap. I recommend it for all hair salons, less than half the price of branded gallons and better performing.

ZeroDerm 24 Hour Advanced Therapy Daily Moisture Lotion Gallon benefits

Broadway is opening back up to 100% capacity middle of September. Are things moving too quickly and are we setting ourselves up for another disaster?

Biden’s latest $1.9T stimulus gift is just the beginning of what he is proposing to spend and to create the biggest government economy since WWII. While I am not going to get into the politics of this, the key point is that all this spending is creating incredible demand. But Biden never took this into consideration and consumers will pay handsomely. For one, prices are going up quicker than ever. Supply shortages are nearing records and this will continue for months and well into 2022. Already chip shortages are affecting many industries, commodity prices have soared and now freight costs have more than doubled. All this while Biden keeps Trumps China tariffs in place. $3.00 and even $3.50 gas will be commonplace. And with all this demand for goods and unemployment benefits still extended, who is going to make all this stuff and provide the services we all desperately crave?

EMMA Beauty is surging in popularity for many reasons. Everyone loves the polish, the colors, the price and the innovation. The newest product, Spectrum, is totally awesome. Consumers can now have gel-like nails using regular nail polish and Spectrum. As they say, the proof is in the pudding!

TNG Worldwide remains one of the very few companies to maintain nitrile gloves in-stock throughout the pandemic. We just received fresh shipments of blue in all sizes except XS. And I am sorry to say, that size will no longer be available. One thing that is for certain, many items will be eliminated due to the pandemic and supply side issues. We also have all size in clear and black vinyl in stock.

My last blog I mentioned Etherum (ETH) and how it was going to change finance as we know it today. It was priced at $2200 and now it is soaring past $3500. Some experts are saying it will go to $8-$10K by July. The entire crypto category is very exciting and I love to keep learning more about it. You should too.

Are drivers today more obnoxious, rude and crazy than ever before? They are either going too slow while texting or going too fast.

Sorry to say I have not watched anything on TV worth reporting. Movies seem to be blah. Could it be people are just bored with content and little excites us anymore? Hobbies are much more interesting and fun. I do miss Texas Hold’em, haven’t been to a casino since last February. I’m waiting for the locker rooms, spas, gyms and amenities to open up first.

Peace & love!



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Coinbase is going public tomorrow. So what does that have to do with beauty products you may ask? Good question. Nothing. Not yet anyway.

In case you are not in the know about Coinbase, it is the largest “wallet” and marketplace for digital currency include Bitcoin (BTC) and Etherum (ETH). It boasts more than 25 million users and is highly profitable. Valuations are coming in at close to $100 billion and that is real U.S. dollars.

I have written about BTC and other digital currency recently but my reason for writing about Coinbase today besides it going public tomorrow, it what we can expect the future to hold about digital currency. Already many countries from Australia to China to the U.K. and even the U.S. are exploring their own digital currency. Right now if you want to transfer funds you have to use a third party like Western Union or even your bank but there are fees involved and it is a very complex process.

However digital currency is not what all the excitement is about. It is about DEFi (decentralized finance). This is where ETH comes in and most of all other Coinbase offerings. ETH is the building block for most DeFi platforms. DeFi platforms are seamless, do not involve third-party intermediaries and have grown more than 1000% in just the last year. Billions of dollars are being moved through DeFi daily and that is without most people knowing what DeFi is all about. I can guess in only a few short years more than $1 trillion will be processed.

By-products of digital currency and DEFI are numerous. Already NFT’s are the latest fad and everyone knows about someone paying $69 million for a NFT. What is a NFT? A non-fungible token. OK, so now you want to know what a non-fungible token is, right? HA! It means that the item is unique and cannot be replaced by something else. Think of a rare baseball card in which there is only one in the world. A NFT is the same thing but digital. Virtually all NFT’s are based on ETH so as NFT’s become more mainstream, so will ETH.

So with DeFi and NFT’s growing like weeds, ETH is the glue that holds everything together. And if you want to buy ETH, can you guess where you can buy it? Robinhood? No. Your bank? No. Local Kroger? No. Unless you have more than $25K to invest, the answer is Coinbase.

ETH was invented in 2014 and came out at a penny. Today the value is over $2200 and up more than 50% in one year alone. Some say the value can go to $10,000 and over. No one really knows because we are in the infancy stages of all this.

What all this reminds me of is AOL, Netscape, Atari, Intellivision and early Nintendo. Only Nintendo is still around (although Atari is alive in Paris and just introduced its own digital coin but has nothing to do with the games like PONG back in the day). Eventually Google, Microsoft and Apple took over and are the leaders today. However, what BTC and ETH have done as pioneers is so much different than what AOL and others did when they were pioneers. While there can be an infinite number of digital coins, there cannot be another BTC or even ETH unless the government gets involved and decides to get into digital currency and DeFi.

Some pundits say BTC and all this other stuff is a Ponzi scheme, a bubble and will blow up and everything will be worthless. BTC did crash in 2017. A year ago the value of BTC was only $7,000 and now just broke a record at $63,000. Big investors are involved and while there can only be 21 million BTC produced, of which 18 million have been produced, the odds seem less than in 2017 of another crash. Those that hold BTC (2.4% of the holders own more than 95% of BTC) claim it will hit $115,000 in August and march to $250,000 and higher in 2022.

For now, everything in this space is fascinating to me and will become part of our ecosystem. Coinbase is going to be one of the most exciting IPO’s ever (they are doing a direct launch) and after tomorrow, millions of people will know more about all this. Back in 1990 if you thought everyone on the planet would be walking around with a cellphone, you would have been laughed at. The same thing is going to happen with digital currency but it is not going to take 20-25 years to make happen. Let’s watch and see. And if you can, buy at least one share of COIN tomorrow for history sake.

Have a great day!

Out Of My Mind On A Monday Mornin’

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What a world we live in today. Perhaps the Roman’s had it right all along, put Gladiators in a coliseum filled with fans to see which one kills the other first. That was the world then, 100 BCE to 400 CE, a 500 year tradition. Or how about living in 1980 when Carter was President and inflation soared over 18%? Remember when gas was over $4.00 a gallon and that we would run out of gas? Bottom line is that we are always living in some of crisis but today, the crisis seems impossible to turn around.

Just when we thought we were turning the corner on COVID-19, here comes the next variant, more contagious than the first one. And where are the vaccines you may ask? Production is way behind and countries are scrambling. Today in the USA alone, we have more than 25 million cases and more than 420,000 deaths. Fauci advertises more than 500,000 next month alone.

In Michigan, Whitmer has allowed restaurants and bars to reopen next month at 25% capacity and stop serving at 10PM. Really. In California with Newsom under pressure, he is going to reopen the state. Meanwhile, Florida is wide open and people are flocking there in waves.

Surely you have heard of the Patriot Party. Nope, not the New England Patriots partying after Brady left them, and BTW, who have thought the Super Bowl would be the two best quarterbacks defining age and youth? And why did Pepsi, Coke and Bud opt out this year? Trump’s Patriot Party could amass more than 40 million followers and then some. Just because Biden is in the White House doesn’t mean the country is ready to unite.

OK, the new stimulus package Biden wants starts at $1.9 trillion. Here is what that will buy you. It is actually how much American’s (both business and personal) pay in income taxes each year. It is also how much American’s have saved due to not spending on travel, entertainment, dining and other fun stuff. But sorry folks, Apple is worth $2.3 trillion so really, when a millionaire used to be a BIG DEAL and a billionaire was WOW, now trillions means nothing.

My optimism starts when cruise ships start sailing. Alas, now the first tentative dates are fourth quarter 2021 and even into 2022. What does this suggest? 2021 will be much like 2020 and perhaps even worse in terms of cases and deaths. The vaccine is the wild card…..

OK so what can us mortals do in 2021 to get us through? Personally I have been cooking up a storm, learning Chess and Spanish and working out. Just watched Fran Lebowitz’s new documentary on Netflix, a little satire on life and NYC, reminded me of Larry David. I’m using record numbers of firewood and my bourbon collection keeps on expanding because if I can’t go to a bar, at least I can think that I am at a bar. Speaking of bars, will they ever be the same?

I have also been fascinated by BTC (bitcoin), Ether and truthfully, the entire story about blockchain technology known as D3. The more I read, the dumber I become. These 20-year olds talk in a different language (mainly because D3 is a different language) and how they grew up to know this shit, I have no idea as they certainly didn’t teach this in high school. According to its fans, this will be the next big thing like the Internet was in 1995 and will be how payments are made among other things. Companies like The Graph, Polkadot, Cosmos and hundreds others are the new black web just itching to become mainstream. One of my guru’s that I follow predicts BTC is in the very early stages of development and will be worth over $150K next year and can approach $500K per coin. Then again, if GameStop can go from $4 to $159 in a couple weeks, anything is possible.

OK, enough of all that. Let’s talk beauty for a moment. Finally after more than one year in development, Ginger Lily Farms ZeroDerm is launched, the first 100% allergen-free and everything-free personal products for bath and body. With so many people allergic to just about something, this is going to be a really fun product launch. Line includes Hand Soap, Body Wash, Shampoo, Conditioner, Hand Soap, and coming next month, the signature product: 24-hour Moisturizing Lotion. All at $24.99 gallon.

ZeroDerm Advanced Therapy Nourishing Body Wash has a velvety and lush consistency and makes skin feel clean, smooth and healthy. Fragrance-free. Gallon.

Happy Monday!

It’s A Brave New World

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George Gilder is a tech visionary with a few good thoughts on where technology is headed. His new book, Life After Google, is quite the read although too many stretches of very technical stuff that is quite boring. But the gist of the book is amazing, so much so, I thought it was worth sharing with you.

Executive summary: Google within 20 years will not be around and the Blockchain Economy will be the reason behind its fall. The main reason: Google doesn’t care about your privacy and Blockchain is all about privacy.

Best tip from reading the book: You have to read below!

Fun tidbits you might find interesting:

  • Security is the foundation of all other services and crucial to all financial transactions. It is the most basic and indispensable component of any information technology. Current computer and network architecture cannot solve security issues.
  • Newton helped to establish the gold standard
  • All wealth is a product of knowledge
  • Google is a new system of the world and the first company to create such a system. It combines science, commerce, religion, philosophy, economics and epistemology.
  • Everything Google offers to its customers is free: Internet searches, email, data centers, YouTube, Earth, Waze, Maps, Music, Calendars, Android apps, games, images. But nothing is free, how annoying to watch an ad to watch a video. Google third most valuable company giving everything away for free.
  • Google got its name from “googol,” meaning ten to the one-hundredth power, the symbol of the company’s reach and ambition.
  • Google digitized every book in the world (2005), every language and translation (2010), topography of the planet (2007), traffic (Waze 2016) and now digital facial recognition is next.
  • Google makes it money from advertising. But we hate advertising: Ad-blockers, ad-filters, mutes, Tivos, ad-voids all tricks we try to use since everything is free. 85.5 million Americans use ad-blockers.
  • But not only is “free” a lie, but a price of zero signifies a return to the barter system. You pay not with money but with your attention. Above all, you pay in time.
  • Google handles a billion YouTube videos and 3.5 billion searches every day, 1.5 trillion a year. If it charged just a penny per search it would earn $15 billion a year.
  • Vitalik Buterin, founder of Ethereum, blockchain app platform. Second most valuable bitcoin but most interested in blockchain to control the Internet.
  • Satoshi Nakamoto released Bitcoin in 2009, a new electronic cash system that uses a peer-to-peer network to prevent double-spending. Completely decentralized with no server or central authority. Total circulation: 21,000,000 coins distributed to network nodes when they make blocks with the amount cut in half every 4 years (there are about 18,000,000 coins in circulation, average value $6500). Note: Bitcoin peaked at about $19,000 just a few months ago.
  • When information becomes abundant, time becomes scarce.
  • Cookies, not chocolate chip: Memory element on your computer that a website can control. They can be sweet when they remember you after you leave a site and allow you toggle back to it without reentering your user name and password. They are a menace when they are used by rogue websites to insert malware on your machine.
  • Now are you ready for my very BIG TIP? So amazing! Meet Brendan Eich, co-founder of Mozilla, author of JavaScript. JavaScript is the demon in targeting ads and invasive tracking of Web users by using cookies. Eich was ousted from Mozilla and started the new revolutionary Brave Browser that remedies the bad effects of cookies. No more targeted ads! In just two weeks, Brave saved me from seeing more than 10,000 ads. Because there are no ads, the sites run lightening fast. Best of all, Brave is free, you can download at brave.com. Bye-bye Chrome, bye-bye Explorer.
  • Crytocurrency total market only $200 billion, but experts expert it to hit more than $3 trillion sooner than later.

One last interesting statistic from the book. The average speed in which we expect results from a Google search: 1/20 second. Is it really possible for Google to fall?

Happy Monday!