COVID-19 Crisis, The Sequel

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Here we are in the middle of November and what are we all talking about? The same thing we have been talking about since March, COVID-19. March/April brought nationwide lockdowns, overflowing hospitals that resulted in make-shift hospitals, shortages of PPE/toilet paper/beans and an unprecedented number of deaths as the novel coronavirus affected the elderly and back then, doctors didn’t have medicine to combat it.

Today, we are experiencing a record number of cases, in fact, more than 150,000 in a single day. Unlike March/April, we have better testing. And unlike March/April we have far fewer deaths per 1000 exposed. However, hospitals are back to being full and while this time around they stockpiled PPE for 90 days, that will not be enough to take care of the influx of patients. All this with a vaccine that will not be available until sometime in 2021.

With 3M and others at full capacity producing N95 masks, demand for KN95 masks remain strong and when it comes to PPE, TNG has the best selection and inventory just like it did back in March/April. Our FDA white list KN95 masks include:

We are selling these for about $1.50 each, the lowest price in the USA and once again, selling these to the users that need them most. Demand for disposable 3-ply masks is very high as well and unlike March/April where prices zoomed to as much as $49.99 per box of 50, inventory is available and one reason why prices are so much lower. Our ForPro brand is the highest quality and before the FDA changed its rules, our mask was (and still is) medical quality filtering out more than 95%. At $7.99, it’s the best value.

We also have in stock a full range of nitrile gloves (all sizes), EPA-registered wipes and our best-selling alcohol-free foaming instant hand sanitizer.

The next 3-4 months are going to be the litmus test on how the world deals with COVID-19. No matter what happens, prevention is the best course of action and that means wearing a mask and social distancing. While the NDC allowed non-medical quality cloth masks to be used instead, doctors and hospitals know first-hand they are not effective like N95 and KN95 masks and even our 3-ply masks.

Let’s see what happens, at least the voting process for the election is over with but now we have to wait until January 5 to see who wins the senate. YIKES!

Happy Thursday!

We Are Different: We Are In Stock

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I was shopping at Meijer for dish soap wands made by 3M, you know, the ones you fill with dish soap and scrub your pots and pans. Meijer’s website said they were in stock at the store (they don’t ship). I went to buy them all excited and found not only were they out of stock, the entire section was out of stock. In fact, about 40% of the shelves in the grocery section were empty.

I decided to go to Walmart to pick up some essentials thinking they are the largest retailer, their sales are up and they should be in stock. I was shocked to find their shelves more than 50% empty. Like Meijer, not even a single bottle of red wine vinegar.

Yesterday I made my monthly trip to Costco which I am despising more and more. In fact, I have moved all my heavy items like Perrier and Propel to Amazon since Amazon is the same price and they deliver right to the door. But for certain items, Costco is still best. Then again, they were 100% out of paper towels, they only had their brand toilet paper and forget about essentials like gloves and wipes. At least their warehouse was stocked with items so it didn’t look barren like both Meijer and Walmart.

I just reviewed the site to check out their inventory levels. Their private label brand is Prolific and they were out of stock on nearly half their items. It also looks they dropped both CND and OPI. was better since they don’t do private label. But still, their essential pricing is more than double ours and they still have limits in place. Oh, and forget buying gloves, wipes and other key items. They too look like they dropped both CND and OPI.

Now go to and check out our out of stocks. Every essential item we make is in stock including a full range of gloves, disinfectants, wipes and hand soap. We are in stock on everything our customers need to be in business.

What makes us different than the others? We actually manufacture all our products and have control of our supply chain. That is why we continue to ship our orders more than 99% complete. And who needs CND and OPI when you can buy EMMA Beauty at distributor prices and get the most innovative products? Oh, all EMMA Beauty products are in stock!

Shopping for goods has become a nasty chore. In most instances, consumers are tired and fed up with accepting second and third choices. No doubt mass retailers are benefiting from this trend as their customers buy brand B, brand C and sometimes even brand D when brand A is out of stock.

This is why I favor the Trader Joe’s approach. They are still one of the best shopping experience stores to shop mostly because more than 85% of the goods are their own brand. They too are in control of their supply chain.

Amazon loves all the supply chain issues mass retailers have. That is one reason why their sales are up more than 40%. Even though Amazon isn’t in stock all the time, you can still place a backorder and wait. Our customers love shopping with us through and Our customers have the best of both worlds. Remember when no one thought was going to make it after the crash? In the end supply chain management always wins.

Happy Tuesday!