Out Of My Mind On A Tuesday Mornin’

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Timing is everything, isn’t it? One day you wake up and hit every green light to work. There are no idiots driving 15mph below speed limit. And other days you can’t catch a break.

Now timing is much different than being on time. How many people do you know are never on time regardless of the situation? These people are so irritating.

Now that Cruz cruised to victory over Trump, what will become of the Republican race? And why is Hillary even allowed to run when she should be in serious trouble for her email violations? If Sanders really is a threat, will Bloomberg come to the rescue? If you are into politics check out Showtime’s new The Circus series.

So Phil didn’t see his shadow and spring is coming with warmer weather ahead. This winter has been so mild there are people actually willing it to snow.

Super Bowl 50 is this Sunday. Why does anyone care except for Carolina and Denver fans? Once again fans will be rooting for the ancient and old Peyton Manning just because this will be his last hurrah. What happened to all of Trump’s fans in Iowa?

Who would think that cotton applicators could be such a big deal? Q-Tips and cotton rounds have been around forever. But ForPro continues to lead in beauty product innovation and cotton is a big deal right now. It’s best-selling cotton round is sturdy enough to clean the face and remove makeup but gentle enough at the same time. Newly introduced cotton bands are perfect for removing nail polish, protecting skin against hair color and hundreds of other uses. The quality is superior and stands out. And speaking of cotton rounds, check out the new stitched cotton rounds, totally awesome.

Speaking of cottony soft, if you are into table paper then you have to try the new ForPro Premium Universal Table Paper. It is so soft you would think you are laying on cotton. Available in 21” and 27” widths.

Google will shortly surpass Apple as the world’s most valuable company. Both Google and Facebook have proven that today’s best business model is not to make physical products. Is there anyone on the planet that doesn’t use both on a daily basis?

I can’t wait for Banshee’s third season on Cinemax. Even more powerful than Ray Donovan.

I love those new Marinara Pasta Chips. Unlike potato or corn chips, they are totally satisfying after eating only a few.

It’s the Year of the Monkey in China and most of China is shut down for the next two weeks. Can you imagine that happening in the USA?

One of our talent is quitting smoking and figured on saving $3500 per year. What would you do with $3500? Certainly not watch it go up in smoke.

Happy Tuesday!