Out Of My Mind On A Tuesday Mornin’

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BAM! The triple whammy is here and the question is how long will it stay? Unlike 2020 and 2021in which both businesses and consumers received trillions in handouts due to COVID related concerns, 2022 will have no handouts. This at the same time as record high inflation over the past 40 years, interest rates set to go up at least three times, unemployment at a record low, consumer confidence at a new low and small businesses especially restaurants and bars struggling to make ends meet. Bottom line to all this: If you are in business, you must survive without handouts or close, the government is no longer interested in financing small businesses. Most interesting is that more restaurants are shutting down now than the previous two years combined. And with Omicron still surging, people are staying home more and once again, supermarkets are running out of the most frequent purchased items. They claim supply chain issues and lack of employees to stock the shelves.

Oil just hit a 7-year high which adds more pressure to inflation. Ports are still congested and container prices have come down a little but still stubbornly high. I was speaking with Tony Cuccio and he asked me when I thought this would reverse. I told him that as long as demand stays strong for goods, inflation will stay with us. Only when consumers stop buying and inventory levels start to pile up will we see a reverse. But when that happens is anyone’s guess.

In chess, there are mistakes, inadequacies, and blunders. Blunders are the worst. How many blunders were on exhibit last week with the wildcard football games? Perhaps the Dallas Cowboys committed one of the worst blunders in football history. Ouch to be a fan.

I finally tested positive for COVID. I only know this because we were going to Puerto Rico for vacation and you had to test negative before going. I had no idea and that is what being asymptomatic is all about. Four days later I tested negative and got out of dodge.

My oldest grandson turns 10 this month. I can’t believe it. Now I get to see what the teenager years are like but this time as a grandfather.

On the new product front, we just received our new ForPro Luxury Towel Warmers. What makes these so fabulous is that when you get out the bathtub or shower, you can luxuriate yourself with a nice hot towel. The bucket holds up to four towels and is great especially this time of the year. They are available in white and our signature blue.

ForPro Luxury Towel Warmer Signature Blue

I am also loving our new rechargeable hand-held fans. So cute. Makeup experts know that hand-held fans are a secret to setting makeup. But when you need a little cooling down, these fans work swell.

ForPro Premium Rechargeable Handheld Fan Blue

I bought a new album yesterday and my previous album purchase was Jimmy Buffett’s Life on the Flip Side (I know, shocking). Anyway, I bought Keb Mo’s new album which features his new hit Sunny and Warm (just the way I like it). Interesting story, this Keb Mo character, worth reading about on his website.

Happy Tuesday!

Warm & Cozy

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I don’t know about you, but the end of DST changes everything. Sure it is lighter in the morning for a bit, but the whole thing about getting dark at 6:00PM and next month at 5:00PM is enough to put you in a state of sleep until April.

Add the fact that I live in Michigan. While it may be 50F and sunny today, cold and snow is on the way. So instead of coming home and putting on shorts and a t-shirt in the summer, it’s about putting on warm & cozy long sleeve t-shirts and soft pants.

This year more than ever, is going to be about warm & cozy. Creature comforts will be in demand like never before. [Side note: Rent-a-Santa’s are in the highest demand in history due to the labor shortage and businesses wanting Santa to show up]. TNG has always been focused on creature comforts and now with the holiday season and winter season ahead of us, we are launching what will be your new favorite warm & cozy products.

ForPro Premium XL Towel Steamer

ForPro Prem XL Hot Towel Steamer

Amazing for salons and spas. However also amazing for home use. There is nothing like a hot towel after a pedicure, massage or just warming up your hands.

ForPro Classic Hot Towel Warmer


Our ForPro Premium Hot Towel Warmer is the #1 best-selling warmer in the USA. Now we are introducing the Classic model with a special twist, an open door so you can see the towels inside. Like the Premium model, the Classic model features EPA-registered UV sterilization. Inventory will be in stock later this month, white model arriving in December.

ForPro Luxury Towel Warmer

ForPro Luxury Towel Warmer Signature Blue

Available in our new signature blue and also in white, the ForPro Luxury Towel Warmer will be your new best friend after taking a bath or shower. The warmer holds 2-4 bath towels and heats up in only 15 minutes. Features digital timer readout and can stay warm for up to one hour. Once you get used to warm towels, you will never go back!

ForPro Premium Wood Multi-Purpose Table

ForPro Premium Wood Multi-Purpose Massage Table

There is nothing like a warm & cozy massage and sometimes going to spa is not an option. One of our portable tables like the ForPro Premium Wood Multi-Purpose Table is perfect for home use especially with so many apps available to book a therapist. Make it extra special with our new ForPro Black Flannel sheets!

ForPro Premium Flannel 3-Piece Massage Sheet Set Black

ForPro 10-Minute Paraffin Treatment


Soon available in our new Fragrance-Free formula, there is nothing like warm & cozy paraffin to help restore cold, brittle and dry skin. Best yet, you can use this at both the salon/spa or home and is good for up to 3-4 uses. Available for feet too!

Cold, dark and winter there is nothing we can do about it except for one thing: Make the best of it and it surely better to be warm & cozy than cold and miserable!