Out Of My Mind On A Wednesday Mornin’

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Big birthday celebration for the BUB! So hard to believe how fast the years go by and to already think that we are more than half way through August. Happy Birthday BUB!!!!

Can you imagine if businesses operated like the government does business? Take road construction for instance. Michigan is doing a $130M project on I-96 that will take three years and achieve 5% efficiency and worse, the state has no regards for the drivers during this period.

Speaking of Biden and the government, Biden just signed another $400B pork bill that will cause even more inflation while supporting green energy that has yet to be proven and tax large corporations in new ingenious ways. Oh, let’s not forget the $80B he gave to the IRS to perform millions more audits.

Dean Sanjay Gupta is out at Michigan State University but will still be a professor. I have read many online and printed articles and as usual with a public institution, you never read what really happened. Most amazing is that none of the articles spoke about his huge accomplishments at the university like building the Pavilion for $65M and having it one of the very few buildings that was actually paid for.

Our TNG Worldwide Company Store is now open for business at our world headquarters. Very spacious and fun to shop, it features just about all our products that we manufacture which is more than 1200. For shoppers, the really good news is that we can provide any quantities needed because we can pull from our distribution center. The store is open to the public M-F 9AM to 5PM. Please stop by and say hello!

Lots of new products arriving and I am always excited about each and every one of them. Two of my favorites this month are ForPro ERASE Instant Screen & Glass Cleaner and Ginger Lily Farms Kid’s Detangling Spray and gallon refill. ERASE is one of the most amazing products because it performs a whole of functions. Excellent for smartphones, computer screens, tablets, eyeglasses and works instantly. Ingenious formulation also disinfects surfaces so perfect to airplane tray tables, restaurant tables and so forth. Added essential oils make is a room deodorizer and even amazing for spraying pillow cases and bed linens. And you can use it as a hand sanitizer. Detangling Spray is an advanced formulation perfect for girls with long unruly hair. Like ERASE, it works instantly to eliminate tangles.

ForPro ERASE Kit 3.3oz 3ct

Ginger Lily Farms Salon Formula Kid’s Instant Detangling Spray 3.3oz 4 ct

TNG has dozens of best-selling products on Amazon.com from foil sheets to pedi liners to hot towel warmers. What I’m most excited about is that we now have the best-selling nitrile gloves. Customers love them because they are so comfortable, chemical-resistant, non-tearing and fit perfectly. We offer them in black, blue, indigo and white with black the most popular.

ForPro Black Nitrile Gloves 4 Mil. Large 100-Count

Container prices are going down. Last year we paid up to $30,000 and now we are seeing prices going below $15,000. That is good news on the inflation front and we should start seeing lower prices at the beginning of 2023 if all goes well.

What happened to Biden removing the Chinese tariffs? Just another ploy by his administration to talk about lowering inflation and doing nothing about it. Paying 25% tariffs on essentials like foil sheets and nitrile gloves is grueling especially since we can’t make these products in the USA.

College football season is just a few weeks away. With the transfer portal, players making big $$$$ selling their name, the BIG 10 adding two west coast teams and getting a $1.2B contract for TV rights makes college football nothing more than pro football with a twist. It’s all about the money. And Saben’s Crimson Tide is ranked #1 pre-season, why bother playing the games?

John Heffner turns 60 on Friday. Happy big birthday John! John was always one of the few classic good guys in the beauty industry. Now he has a sweetheart deal with Helen of Troy and enjoying life big time.

Happy Wednesday!

COVID-19: Not Another Stephen King Novel

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It’s summertime. My favorite time of the year. One reason is that I get to read a lot of books due to long summer nights. I read the latest from Dean Koontz, Devoted, about dogs that are telepathic and relate to humans (his Jane Hawk series was perhaps his best); John Grisham’s Camino Island about a bookstore owner and mysterious deaths; and of course, a couple from James Patterson that are just fun reading. I’m currently reading The Most Fun We Ever Had by first time writer, Claire Lombardo which is quite the chick book (hey, always good to get more perspectives in life). The book details a family over a fifty year span and is quite good. It might be fiction but I am sure it more real than not.

COVID-19 is non-fiction and a book that right now has no ending in sight. In fact, this book could last through the entire decade. Most likely 2021 is going to fare as bad as 2020 with false hopes coming and going. With CA’s Governor, Newsom,  pretty much shutting down everything yesterday (all salons, gyms, religious buildings, bars, restaurants), it is only a matter of time before other states follow including AZ, FL, NV and TX. NV has already shut down all bars except those in casinos. But hey, is anyone going to a casino to lose money wearing a mask?

Summer was going to be downtime for COVID-19, everyone thought it hated heat. But nope, Brazil, Mexico and other hot spots are all hot spots. And what happens when October comes with the real flu season?

As this novel keeps getting longer and longer, we must sit and wonder why is the USA the most affected country in the world? Why does Florida have more cases than most countries with the exception of two?

With November 3 seemingly right around the corner, who is going to be our next president? Face masks or no face masks will win. Face masks appear to be the hero and the villain in regards to COVID-19. In Michigan, the Macomb county Sheriff department stated they are not enforcing Whitmer’s requirement to wear masks. Employees seem to be threatened daily by customers who do not wear face masks. I don’t get the drama, it is proven than face masks save lives. We all know when you went to a hospital before COVID-19, doctors and nurses wore face masks. And what the heck,  you can wear cloth face masks with Mickey Mouse if you don’t like the medical blue disposables.

Speaking of those, we just introduced the cutest little purse pouch containing 5 face masks. With cases rising daily and soon to hit 100,000, demand for face masks is going up. Demand for nitrile gloves is going up too and this poses a huge problem because there is a tremendous shortage of them (I blogged about this months ago). Most fortunate I ordered millions before COVID-19 and now TNG has the largest inventory of gloves in the business. We just received new extra long cuff and extra large sizes for our first level providers.

We also have the largest inventory of 70% and 99% ISP and the #1 selling brand of hand soap gallons. However I would give all this up for our main customers to be open for business. I miss my massages, spa days at resorts and although I am back on schedule for weekly mani’s, the experience is not the same. But I will say this: Salons have been doing an excellent job during COVID-19 maintaining cleanliness and adhering to safety guidelines. If anything, salons in CA should be allowed to remain open.

The state of CA gave us a wake-up call. Wear a face mask. Social distance. Sanitize often. If you go out, be responsible. We all want to have fun and enjoy summer. But if things don’t change and we don’t wake up now, book reading will go well into 2021 as a thing to do. Delta CEO Ed Bastian told us today that he doesn’t expect air travel to get back to normal for at least two years (yes, at least two years). YIKES!

Happy Tuesday!