The Influence of Women in the Workforce

Is your hairdresser male or female?

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Flashback to the 1960’s!

Women with college degrees that went to work after graduating: 20%

Top degree sought out by women: Education 45%

Percent of women in the workforce: Less than 30%

Percent of men in the salon industry: Over 75%

Fast forward to today!

Women with college degrees that go to work after graduating: 80%

Top degree sought out by women: Business 40% (Education 12%, no wonder we have no teachers) And more: Percent of women graduating college vs.. men: 67% (tough to find a guy in school these days)

Percent of women in the workforce: Over 65%

Bonus question: Percent of women that make more money than their spouse: 20%

Percent of men in the salon industry: Less than 10%

The numbers are startling. And they are going to skew even higher. As the unemployment rates stays in the high single digits, it’s men that are finding it most difficult to get a job, not women.

For the salon industry, it can’t go much more on the upside. The past few intro classes that we have had for schools were 99% female. It’s like guys decided that being a hairdresser or manicurist wasn’t for them all at once. If you think back to the late 60’s through the early 80’s, do you even remember a female barber? It was Paul Mitchell, Arnie Miller, and Gerry Redding (Redken and Nexxus) that took our industry from barber shops to salons.

The big names on stage for decades have all been men. The biggest salons are run by men. Salon chains are run by men. But with no men coming into the industry, there has been this huge void that hasn’t been filled by women and this void needs to be filled.

I’ve seen plenty of super talented women in the salon industry and yet, I’m still not sure if they get the same respect on stage as a guy. Sure there are the old timers such as Vivienne Mackinder and Beth Minardi that get attention. But we need new blood, new excitement, those in their 20’s to step up and change this industry and get it in tune to the Facebook and Twitter generation.

If you are one of those women that is ready to get to the the next level, let me know who you are. The time is way overdue and we need to start somewhere. We’re not going back to the 60’s and that’s a fact.

Happy Thursday!