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Here is an acronym for you to remember: MOAR, Mother Of All Recoveries. The post pandemic recovery is going to be the greatest on record, even greater than the post World War II recovery that ran from 1950 to 1966. While the stock market has been at new highs during 2021, we have only seen the beginning. MOAR will soar through 2022 and could last until 2030. How is that for a prediction? Mind you, not from me, but one of my services that I subscribe to which has been spot on for more than twenty years.

So if MOAR is true, this should be the best news for business, right? Large cap tech businesses, absolutely. The latest generation of technology in world history is just starting to make it to market and will work its way through 2035-2050. We will see more change during this period than ever before and will make the computer generation of 1980-1995 seem like peanuts. But if you are a small business, it could be a flip of a coin.

How many restaurants are turning customers away? Cedar Point is not open on Tuesday or Wednesdays. Try getting service anywhere. The reason: More than 9 million job openings and yet, millions of Americans still do not want to work. Also more people than ever are quitting the workplace and either retiring or starting their own business from home. Let’s take the hospitality industry, all the tech is in the world won’t replace customer service. MGM Resorts app now allows you to use your phone as a room key, check in, check out, make reservations and check out all the activities. But if you can’t get a drink at a bar or dinner take 45 minutes to be served and it’s lousy, what good is it?

When it comes to gallons of personal care products, no one does it better than Ginger Lily Farms. Already the best-selling gallons in America, now I am very excited to launch new sizes and new categories. First up is our fragrance-free hand soap in a convenient 6-ct 12 oz. package. 

Ginger Lily Farms Botanicals Liquid Hand Soap

Next month comes the new Dog & Pet category which will feature a very amazing 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner and odor eliminator. And coming in August, look for the new Salon category featuring hair regrowth shampoo and perhaps one of my favorite product launches to come, the perfect competitive product to Moroccanoil! Soon you will be able to buy a gallon for the same price as 8 oz. Hmmm, which will be the better value?

One thing about MOAR that is not good, is that we are back to heavy traffic, long lines at airports, high priced just about everything and BTW, have you tried renting from AVIS or Hertz lately? YIKES!

The ongoing battles with China and the USA will continue for a very long time. However, regardless of what Trump and now Biden are doing with tariffs, it’s not working. Demand for goods is so high, the wait for containers from China is more than two weeks, costs for containers have doubled and tripled and there is no way U.S. factories can still compete. But one thing to keep in mind in this trade war is the value of brand names. You can think of many brand names made in the USA and sold worldwide including China. But how many brand names made in China can you think of that are sold worldwide? Fact is, there are NONE. If you look at all the China brands that are sold on Amazon, none of them are are a brand name, just a name to list on Amazon and take advantage of the marketplace. The only Chinese brand that has traction is not a product but a service, TikTok.

The $100 question going into the peak of summer: Will the Delta variant make its way into the USA in a meaningful way? Most people are so over COVID, any return to it at this time will bring a lot of nothing good.

Have a great 4th of July weekend, hard to believe the year is half over.

Happy Monday!

Out Of My Mind On A Monday Mornin’

Who is going win the Super Bowl?

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Looks like the optimistic forecast for 2017 is in high demand: Small businesses and consumers are expressing optimism not seen in more than 20 years. This is totally unprecedented and very reminiscent of when Reagan became president. Reagan led America to a 20-year surge in manufacturing, productivity and economic prosperity. Now for the first time since Reagan, Trump has the ability to do the same thing. This could be very exciting. Now if someone could just turn off his Twitter account.

Everyone is loving thebeautybook Spring 2017 edition. They love the cost savings, they love the new products and they love our rewards program. I have never seen so many new products take off so quickly. Some of my favorites  spa products include:


Ginger Lily Farms Island Tranquility Fizzy Bomb is already going to be a best-seller. Not only does it look cool, green tea extract and lemongrass make it a delightful experience.



Ginger Lily Farms Botanicals Buttercup Bath Creamers melt in the bathtub and create the ultimate bathing experience. We are almost sold out.


Ginger Lily Farms Botanicals Natural Candles are yummy and burn up to 6.5 hours. They arrive later this week. I also love the new Chocoholic and Strawberry Shortcake butters and scrubs.


Pure Himalayan Salt Works Salt Dome warms up hands and feet creating a soothing and warming sensation. Our best-selling salt lamps are coming back into stock after a sold-out holiday season. And have no fears, our salt lamps were not recalled. We do not use dimming switches and our units are UL listed.


ForPro Premium Eyelashes are the best quality and they should be in later this week.


Beauty Mask Works 24K Gold masks are the hot item in masks for 2017. First delivery sold out but more coming in next week. Anything 24K is hot and the packaging and quality can’t be beat.


Sonic Tool Works Zippy Epilator is just the cutest little thing to remove hair from all parts of the body. Waterproof so can be used in the shower. Smooth skin never came so easy.


ForPro PUR Cotton Wipes are sure to be the best-selling new item in the cotton category. I have never seen a product like this and for women who are constantly applying and removing solvents, crèmes and lotions to their face and body, this will be their new best friend. Bye-bye tissue.

Next blog will talk about fav new products in the nail and hair categories.

The Millennial generation is the biggest generation in American history and 20% larger than us Boomer’s.  Nearly half live with their parents (up to age 34) and nearly 40% won’t get married. However for those not living at home they do like to live together and get this: It is OK to have a baby without getting married. It will be interesting to see how these trends play out. With Trump, they have the potential no other generation has been able to achieve. And believe me, us Boomer’s have achieved lots.

Voice is the new fingerprint. Within five years we will able to do just about everything using our voice from unlocking doors, to ordering on Amazon (which you can do now), to paying a bill. Amazon Echo is just the start of things to come and soon Alexa will be everyone’s BFF. However if I have anything to do with it, it will be EMMA!

A report just came out that 7% of salons shut down in 2016. No surprise there. And as this trend continues, look for franchise salons to continue to flourish.

If I was a Millennial, one area that I would focus on is launching an Uber type APP for salons and spas. I can’t tell you the specifics but extra capacity equates to dollars. And speaking of Uber, they only lost $800 million last quarter.

Are you ready for $10 coffee? Howard Schultz thinks so.

January is half gone. Did the first half go by fast? I guess if you were a Detroit Lions fan, it has gone by excruciating slow. Got to love Aaron Rodgers though.

Happy Monday!

2017 Here We Come

It’s all going to start happening January 20 when President-elect Trump becomes the 45th President in the USA. Exactly what happens is anyone’s guess and we know the media is clueless. However I can say I am very optimistic about 2017. It should be the first year before the 2001 dot.com crash era that the state of affairs is about business. After all,  business is what propels the U.S. economy with 70% of the spending coming from consumers. What we also need is for businesses to spend money on productivity and on capital investments through lower taxes and bringing back more than $1 trillion in overseas cash.

For TNG, 2017 starts the first week of January with the launch of thebeautybook Spring 2017 edition. The all-new look is our best catalog to date and includes more than 250 new products developed through our research and development. Many of these products are ground-breaking and very exciting. For sure this is the largest introduction of new products in our history and we will continue to build on this momentum throughout the year. One brand that is red-hot is Ginger Lily Farms Botanicals as every seasonal item sold out. New seasonal collection for Valentine’s Day, Easter and Mother’s Day is sure to sell out again featuring Strawberry Shortcake and Chocoholic. These luscious flavors will be available in our Fizzy Bombs, new Buttercup Bath Creamers, butters, scrubs and candles.

ForPro will continue its innovative lead with amazing new cotton products, massage accessories, hair care accessories and brilliant new products. With the continued lack of innovation coming from the beauty industry, it is no wonder our customers are loving ForPro and our Signature brands.

2017 is also going to be exciting because so many of our key customers are optimistic as well. Resorts, spas and key retailers see this is a break-out year. That means more money for expansion, renovations and new properties. Even Jimmy Buffett who turns 70 Christmas Day is opening up new Margaritaville resorts and Parrotheads love them.

Best yet for 2017, we have the best talent to handle our continued growth. Between our store talent that is #1 in customer service to our inside and outside account representatives, no one knows the beauty business like we do. And with the continued consolidation of key players, TNG and THE INDUSTRY SOURCE will continue to thrive.

On a personal note, my middle son Daniel and his fiancé Stacy are expecting a baby girl April 29 and getting married December 2. Congrats to them!

So yes, 2017 will be quite the year and let’s hope President Donald does the right things and keeps optimism alive for a very long time. We can all use a healthy dose.

Happy Holidays! Happy, healthy and safe New Year! And thanks for reading my blog.


Out Of My Mind On A Tuesday Mornin’

Election Day Is Finally Coming!!! Who Wins?

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Larry Gaynor for President. Yep, I decided to throw in my name today. I know I will get at least two votes (one from me and one from the BUB). More important, at least I can vote for myself. For the first time in a dozen elections I can’t decide how I can vote for either candidate and be OK with myself. Trump is the worst of the two. My thoughts are that Clinton will win, be convicted while in office, then end up like Nixon and be removed from office and then Kaine will become President much like Ford became President before. At least with Kaine we know so little about him, we can keep the country on even keel until 2020. The next question: Who are going to get then?

Yep today is November 1. Yep Thanksgiving is three weeks away (my favorite holiday). Yep New Year’s Day is two months away. Yep we are getting older as witnessed by myself last weekend. The icing on the cake would have been MSU doing something right this year and coming to play for four quarters. But alas, with the ball on the 2 yard line we couldn’t score with four tries. But at least I got to see Michael, Daniel and Carter would will be turning 5 soon enough.

More bragging rights. Ran the DFP half marathon at 1:41 and came in second place for my age group. 261 overall out of 11,500. Now that the bragging is over, I have this hidden injury oddly enough feels bad when I walk but feels good when I run.

So Daniel had two major announcements in a span of a week. First he is engaged and plans to get married next year, who knows when. And second, he is having a baby April 29. So my third grand kid is coming soon!

Who is going to win the race to Mars? Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos? Forget about Mars, I’m not sure about you but driving from point A to point B has become an ordeal. Is there anyone not on their smartphone anymore?

The $10 beer, the $20 martini and the $100 bottle of wine are becoming all too common at restaurants and bars these days. First it was Bud. Then Bud Lite. Then a few imports like Heineken and Corona. Easy enough. But then came Samuel Adams and the invention of craft beers and suddenly there became 500 beers. Now the craze is IPA’s and pretty soon offering 100 and more brands at  a bar will be no big deal. The bigger question is how do you know what brand to order?

The biggest acquisition wave has hit Wall Street. AT&T buying Time Warner for $85B. But wait, might Apple come to the party? More interesting has been the quietness of the beauty industry.

The hot gift item (for us anyway) is the Ginger Lily Farms Botanicals Therapy Gift Set. Selling like hot cakes and at $10 MRSP, why not!


I don’t know about you but I prefer not to think about Christmas just yet and enjoy the 74 and sunny day today. One thing about Michigan, Fall is one great season.

Happy Tuesday!

Ginger Lily Farms Botanicals Hits The Shelves

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It’s amazing. We walk into a typical supermarket and don’t even pay attention that there are approximately 39,000 different items on the shelves. We look for what we want to buy, check out the new stuff and see what is on sale.

But if you actually stopped and thought about how each and every product was developed from start to finish, the number of pages would be exhausting. I know firsthand.

Ginger Lily Farms Botanicals (GLFB) is a blockbuster line focused on salons recapturing the magic of salon retail at not only affordable prices but adding an element of fun and marketing appeal. GLFB consists of 10 signature fragrances each available in four formulations: Moisturizing Shampoo, Moisturizing Conditioner, Nourishing Body Wash, and Hand & Body Lotion. All items retail for $10 each.

With the proliferation of products at both salon and retail, we knew we had to create a unique package that stood out. This is where the story begins and why each product you see on a store shelf should be fully appreciated!

Instead of a “stock” bottle and cap, we wanted something to fit our nostalgia theme, yet elegant and timely. We also wanted the product to be the star and show its rich formulation and personalized color palette. Finally, we wanted the bottle to fit nicely in a woman’s hand. The finished bottle took more than 6 months to create. It’s beautiful and exactly what we envisioned: Soft touch, lightly frosted, and shows off the product perfectly.

Next we had to decide on label or silk-screen. Silk-screen is industry standard and especially prevalent at retail. There is no shortage of products being sold at anywhere from $1 to $5 that offer consumers a huge selection but mass market is mass market. So we opted for a label. But we wanted a label that looked like it was “part of the bottle.” Again, this took time and patience but the results were worth it. The finished product is such that the typical consumer won’t know if it is a label or actually part of the bottle. The colors are rich and inviting.

One year later, GLFB is ready to launch. Come to think of it, it took longer than the time it takes to have a baby. And in both instances, the wait was well worth it.

To finish the project, we had to develop unique merchandising enhancements for salons to retail the products. Once again tying in our nostalgia theme, we developed custom wood crates to display the goods and custom gift crates for consumers to make their own GLFB gifts. The results are fantastic and it’s love at first sight. Below are photos of the new line displayed at our corporate store:


We can’t wait see the creativity salons and spas will use to create their own GLFB story.

All I can say it’s all worth the effort and like good old nostalgia, this will be a lot of fun for our customers!

Happy Thursday!

Happy New Year!

How are you celebrating New Year's Eve?

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I don’t know about you, but I am always ready for the new year.

Think about this for a moment. We live our lives based on a 24 hour day, 7 day week, 12 month year. Who decided all this for us?

As 2011 comes to a close, rather than reflecting on all the good and the bad, why not just focus on what’s good on the horizon?

For tng worldwide, 2012 is going to be a swell year. We have put a lot of changes into place along with some very exciting developments:

  • Completely updated THE BEAUTY BOOK
  • Completely updated THE INDUSTRY SOURCE logo
  • Completely updated THE INDSUSTRY SOURCE magazine
  • Completely updated Nailco Gold and renaming it Nailco Rewards
  • In an effort to increase our 99.1% fill rate, will beginning shipping any backorder items from our Coppell distribution center (if they have in stock)
  • Completely new uniforms for THE INDUSTRY STORE store talent
  • The much anticipated launch of black 15in1 TWICE A WEEK Miracle Hair Shampoo and Conditioner
  • The launch of the new black 15in1 marketing campaign
  • The launch of Ginger Lily Farms Botanicals
  • The launch of the new Kemon NaYo marketing campaign and salon loyalty program
  • An all new charity event to replace Tiffany to be held Sunday, October 7. The new event is super exciting and will feature many celebrities.
  • The update of our websites. Look for a completely new look for black15in1.com as well as theindustrysource.com.

2012 is an election year and perhaps the year we will see unemployment drop to 8%, more consumers headed to salons and spas and even some optimism. We are ready for a fabulous new year and cannot wait for the fun to begin.

Healthy, happy and prosperous new year to all. Thank you for your “eyes,” comments and support.

Happy 2012!