Fav New Products For 2019

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I love everything new. Don’t you? New restaurants (most of them are bad), new hotels (checking out the Shinola in a couple weeks), new TV series (loved the last episode of Ray Donovan and into Stranger Things), new food items (are you into Halo ice cream, they secretly stole a huge chunk of the market), new clothes and shoes (average man owns 12 pairs of shoes, average woman 27 pairs), and let’s not talk about alcohol.

But what I love best when it comes to new is designing, creating, and producing new products for our customers. What women really love most about new products are beauty products especially those that are fragranced (lotions must pass the smell test first) or offer seasonal colors (lipsticks, lip gloss, nail polish). For our salon and spa customers, beauty products designed to assist in the salon or spa service are also important.

Here are some of my fav new products that are now in stock and in no particular order:

1. Kudo’s Gift & Greeting Card. The idea of combining our best-selling bath bombs with a high quality greeting card came to me after spending $5.99-$7.99 for a Papyrus greeting card. Even Hallmark cards are that expensive and all you get is a card. For the same price or less, Kudo’s offers a really cool spinning bath bomb and greeting card. There are more than 30 variations including Happy Birthday, Love, Anniversary, Thank you, Friendship and more. $5.99 MRSP

2. Misty Mountain Aroma Diffuser. From Pure Essential Oil Works, Misty Mountain is the first open diffuser that allows the mist to resemble fog in a mountain range. When lit and in a dark setting it is quite magical. $49.99 MSRP.

3. 5-Layer Cotton Pads. ForPro once again delivers one of the most amazing cotton products to hit the market. Invented in Japan, ForPro developed the product in its factory in China and the results are spectacular. Each pad contains 5 layers that can be removed layer by layer to use as a facial. Or you can use the pad for removing makeup or nail polish. They come packed in a handy dispenser box. 80-ct, $2.99 MSRP

ForPro Premium 5-Layer Cotton Pads Package

4. Island Flip-Flops. As most of you know I hate socks and prefer to walk bare foot. That is one reason why I love flip-flops and thought, why not come out with a line of flip-flops to compete against store brands such as Havainas. Most are over-priced and over-rated. These I love because they are ultra-comfy, contoured strap feels like you are walking on air and natural rubber conforms to the curves of the foot. For $4.99 – $5.99 MSRP, they are amazing. Available in solid colors and patterns.

5. HEMP Herbal Body Moisturizer. From Ginger Lily Farms Botanicals, HEMP is everything you want in a lotion and capitalizes on the hemp seed oil craze going on in America. Stunning packaging, awesome fruity banana fragrance and $9.99 MSRP that is less than half the price of the competition. 17 oz. and gallon size for the family.

Ginger Lily Farms Botanicals HEMP Herbal Body Moisturizer 17 oz.

6. EMMA Drench Cuticle Oil. EMMA is the buzz of the industry and let me tell you, the upcoming Las Vegas Spring collection is a winner-winner! Drench is all about sensory flavors for the brain and escapism with scents such as Coco Mango and Juicy Citrus. .5 oz. $5.00 MSRP.

7. THE WORKS Luxurious Shower Cap. Actually I love all our new shower caps from the ALL NIGHT to PEVA and linerless. However, THE WORKS is more than 6 months in the making and I would say the best shower cap all-time. $19.99 MSRP is a real deal for this masterpiece.

8. ForPro 510S & 910S Foil Sheets. OK so you ask yourself, how can anyone get excited about a foil sheet? I always like to tell the story of the first time pregnant woman who needs to buy maternity clothes. Up until that moment she had no idea where any maternity stores were. Foil sheets are sort of the same story, you have to use them to understand my excitement. Our ForPro 500S and 900S sheets are already best-sellers, so you might ask again, why 510S and 910S? It all has to do with the dimple design and true foil enthusiasts love certain dimple designs. And now, whether they love the embossed design or new dimple design, we have the foil! $7.49 – $9.49 MSRP

ForPro Foil Sheets 910S 500-ct.

There are a few more fav’s that are still not in stock, so once in stock, I will share those with you next.

Happy Monday!