The Inside Scoop at Cosmoprof North America

With Bumble and bumble opening Sephora, do you think more brands will go retail?

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I had the best time at Cosmoprof North America (CPNA) in my over 20 years attending. I can attribute this to 3 reasons:

  1. We have been liberated. With no sucking up to global companies at debilitating meetings, there was no stress.
  2. I did not walk the show floor aisle by aisle. In fact, I didn’t even walk the show floor although it was the smallest ever.
  3. All the action was in private meetings held at hotel suites far away from the show floor. Between Kemon, Label.m, Michael O’Rourke and a few others, I can sense this incubator of new and fresh ideas paving the way for the next generation.

The show floor saw fewer exhibitors and attendees than ever before. CPNA is an embarrassment to its flagship show in Bologna. I felt sorry for the huge number of China, Korea, Taiwan and Italy stands that tried to do some business.

The big booths catered to retail customers such as ULTA, Sephora and chain drug. Although either CND or OPI were on the floor, the nail category took up a sizeable amount of space. There wasn’t much else that was noteworthy.

Even the rep groups see the handwriting on the wall. While they still had booths on the floor, most of them were running around the Four Seasons, Mandalay Bay and the Hotel going to meetings. They are desperate for new blood and it was quite scary considering it was daytime.

Salons were around for NAHA but why CPNA and the PBA ties the two events together is still a mystery.

But we do need to thank CPNA and the PBA for bringing distributors to Las Vegas to do business over a 2-3 day period even if it’s not done on the show floor. I’m already looking forward to next July 24-26.

Happy Wednesday!

TNG and label.m Sign Contract

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Truth be told, virtually a year ago today we met with label.m in Las Vegas to bring this London-based line to Michigan. The next day Vince Davis (yes, the same Vince Davis that terminated us) told us we could not bring it on and if we did, TIGI would seek another distributor.

They say hindsight is 20/20. It’s fun when bully’s get hurt and this my friends will be as fun as it gets.

Follows is the “pre-press” press release that will be sent out later this week:

TNG Worldwide and label.m have joined forces which is thrilling news for Michigan salons. label.m was founded by none other than Toni Mascolo and his daughter, Sasha Mascolo-Tarbuck. Together along with the label.m Artistic Team, they have developed label.m into a world-class product line with education and trend releases as its main focus.

“This is a very exciting time for us and is reminiscent when we launched TIGI 12 years ago. Toni Mascolo always had his own vision separate from his brothers Anthony and Bruno. Toni is still committed to the hairdresser and we know Toni and his team are thrilled to come to the USA and dazzle our customers,” states Larry Gaynor, President & CEO, TNG Worldwide.

In fact, The Academy at TNG’s World Headquarters will become a major educational center for the label.m brand. “Not only will Toni and Sasha appear, so will many members of the label.m design team including the multi-talented Gary France. Toni and his team continue to develop trends 18 months in advance of fashion so they know what is hot,” comments Gaynor.

The premise of label.m is the 4 C’s: Cleanse, Condition, Create, Complete. Each “C” offers an inclusive family of products composed of exquisite ingredients demanded by today’s hairdressers.

The line is distributed in Michigan by The Industry Source Exclusive sales team. Presently the brand is not available in any of its 20 store locations, but several stores will offer samples and sales support information.

“It’s certainly refreshing to be part of Toni Mascolo’s vision and launching label.m in Michigan. Better yet, launching with TNG will be even more exciting as Larry’s vision fits in perfectly with Toni’s,” states Brian Bennett, VP of Sales for label.m.

The line was launched yesterday with our field sales team and will arrive in our warehouse within two weeks. Oh, I should mention Toni is in his mid-60’s, still cuts hair two days a week, rides the train to work, brown bags his own lunch and is solely interested in building a legacy for his daughter to take over, not sell to a global company. Welcome Toni and Sasha!

Happy Tuesday!