Losing Sucks But. . .

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There were no phone calls.

There were no texts.

There were no emails.

There were no high fives.

There were no bragging rights.

There was no longer a need to look forward to the weekend’s games.

Losing sucks.

There was silence. Dreadful silence.

There was no watching the TV after the game ended. One more word from the announcers would have put you over the edge.

There was no celebratory drink.

There was no need to think about New Orleans.

There were no winning bets.

Losing sucks.

But hey, the Spartans weren’t even ranked to start the season and no one expected them to win the Big 10, win the Big 10 Championship and make it to the Sweet 16.

In fact, we went further than a lot of teams such as Duke, Michigan, Georgetown and many others.

In fact, it was a great season. And Spartans are still proud of the accomplishments.

But hey, losing still sucks.

Happy Friday!