Out Of My Mind On A Wednesday Mornin’

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Another birthday, another year coming up. This year I’m going to celebrate big time and stay up until 10:00PM both Friday and Saturday night! The festivities start Friday with Starbuck’s morning for all TNG talent and then a fab lunch at our corporate headquarters. Saturday the dreadful drive to East Lansing to see the Spartans play Purdue which just clobbered the Buckeyes. After last weeks disastrous loss to the Wolverines along with exiting the stadium for an hour only to endure rain, sleet and wind, is it any wonder Spartan Nation is hurting? Coach Dantonio, how about a V this week and next for my birthday?

My birthday continues on Sunday when I do not have to make brunch or dinner, sorry BUB! And then the real fun is Tuesday when we go to see Stevie Nicks at LCA. Now let me tell you, seeing a concert on a Tuesday night is a big deal especially when I go to sleep at 8:30PM and that is when the music starts playing. Like I said, this is celebrating at the highest level!

Remember back when you had a birthday, you would open the mail box and there would be 10, perhaps even 20 birthday cards with your name on them? These days, kids under 35 only know your cell number for texting, addresses are long gone. At least I know I can count on MGM sending me a $5 Free Play birthday gift. HA!

Here are a few birthday gifts I would really like to see:

  • Hotels eliminating those tiny 1 oz. bottles. It’s impossible to read which one is shampoo or body wash.
  • OPI shipping an order at least 80% complete and without damages
  • The Spartans winning a football game (oops, I already mentioned that)
  • Bill Knapp’s chocolate cake
  • Carter stopping by Sunday (C is my 6 1/2  year old grandson)
  • Max inviting us to fly in his private jet and stay in his new Palisades Park beach house (the joys of selling a company for $175 million, wait, it goes up $25 million each year!) stocked with great red wine and single malts.
  • Tony Cuccio running a 5K
  • John Barth retiring and writing a book “How to be  rep and live the good life without working”
  • Elimination of passwords with 8 letters, upper case, lower case, number and !@$# character.

TNG did it again and was the #1 sponsor for American Cancer Society Strides event in Detroit. We raised more than $130,000 and dominated the field. Sorry Kroger, Suburban Collection and Comerica, you need to step up your game!

I have never seen so much Halloween candy at stores as this year. And who eats candy anymore?

What’s better than Costco’s rotisserie chickens? $4.99 and they are huge, tasty and juicy. Costco sells so many of them, they are now building their own chicken farm that will supply at least 25% of their annual needs. Guess how many they sell a year? You weren’t even close, more than 60 million. They lose about $.75 on everyone they sell which has fed their sales and profit growth over the years. Love that.

Happy Wednesday!

14,000 Walkers Descend on Belle Isle for ACS

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Saturday was a glorious day on Belle Isle. No rain. No snow. No bitter cold. No howling winds. No gloom and doom. The sun was out, the temperatures were moderate and people came from all over.

In all, over 14,000 walkers enjoyed the 5-mile walk around the island. The trees were showing off red, yellow and other fall colors while the Detroit River sparkled (if you can imagine that).

Jay Towers from FOX2 was live with microphone in hand and doing another splendid job covering the event. The American Cancer Society (ACS) had a multitude of staff and volunteers on hand to keep the event well organized. Survivors were on hand and well recognized. Families, guys, kids and strollers showed up in mass. Sorry, no pets.

Nearly $800,00 was raised for cancer research, an all-time record. It appears no matter how bad the economy is, people always find ways to reach out and give to charities they deem relevant. That’s one thing that makes living in the USA so great.

TNG was the presenting sponsor once again and had more than 250 walkers donning TNG shirts. Many were newcomers to the event and they had a great time. Lucky them, they didn’t have to deal with the bitter cold like years past.

We are still processing money from the Tiffany event last week plus the money raised for STRIDES. Once again, TNG will be over the $100,000 mark, something all its talent, customers and suppliers can be proud of.

For photos and more info about STRIDES, click here

Happy Tuesday!

Community Counts

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This week launches the start of our major community projects and as always, it’s a very rewarding time.

Friday, August 6 at our World Headquarters and Friday, September 10 at our Global Logistics Center is our American Red Cross blood drive. Each year we donate over 100 pints of blood and I’m always first to go. Let me tell you, the first time I saw that “needle” they stick in your arm, I said to the nurse, “Are you kidding me?” She looked at me and said “Don’t worry, I usually hit the vein the first time, usually.” Lucky for me, it’s been the first time every time! It’s a great thing to do and there is always a blood shortage. Please stop on by if you are in the neighborhood. They serve up some delicious store bought cookies and juice in little plastic bottles afterwards.

Wednesday, August 11 is the kick-off breakfast for American Cancer Society’s (ACS) annual STRIDES event in Detroit. As a national sponsor, I get to go on stage and rally the 600 or so women and 3 men in the room to raise money for ACS. Last year more than $800,00 was raised and we are hoping to at least equal that amount this year. The actual event is Saturday, October 9. Please join TNG and over 10,000 walkers for this fun-packed event honoring so many survivors.

Sunday, October 3 is our annual DREAMS event featuring the Tiffany Awards. This charity event benefits ACS and raises more than $100,000 annually. This year we are blessed to have amazing talent showcase the event such as Michael O’Rourke, Antonio Corral from Moroccanoil, Carlo Bay (#1 hairdresser in Italy) and special guest from Label.m. Tickets are only $75 and $125 and include dinner. This year the event will be held at Andiamo in Warren. More info to come.

December is our annual food drive benefitting Forgotten Harvest. With the economy and unemployment continuing to be stubbornly high, food banks are more desperate than ever for donations.

There’s a lot going on and plenty of opportunities to participate. We hope to see you at one or more events. It’s well worth your time and donation as the memories are forever.

Happy Tuesday!

STRIDES Strides To Beat Cancer


If I was on the Norwegian Nobel committee, I would have voted for the American Cancer Society (ACS) to win the Nobel in 2009. With all the lousy news this year, who better to win the prize than the organization that gives more piece of mind to others than anyone else?

Good thing ACS doesn’t need to win the Nobel to win. October is the official month for their annual STRIDES event. All over the USA in towns large and small, ACS has team captains, corporate sponsors, cancer survivors, radio and TV stations, and anyone else they can gather to gather and take part in the five mile walk to raise money (there is a one mile route for those that need a short cut).

TNG is proud not only to be a national sponsor, but also the biggest fundraiser as well. Our event takes place tomorrow morning in downtown Detroit on the lovely but windy and cold island of Belle Isle. Some 10,000 supporters will be there to celebrate life and to help make a difference so cancer patients and survivors can celebrate life for years to come. ACS now provides an endless supply of birthday candles to its survivors and the good news: every year they hand out more and more candles.

You can check the STRIDES schedule at cancer.org if you are so inclined to wake up early and support ACS. TNG will be down around 8:00AM and if you have never been to a STRIDES event or on Belle Isle, this is a perfect opportunity to do both and support a great cause.

I hope to see you there!

Happy Friday!