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The Premier Orlando show was last weekend, the last-gasp of what remains of the pro beauty industry show circuit. The flea market buyers were out in full force and any resemblance of the show from years past was impossible to recognize. As with all shows, the rumor mill and concession stands were the winners. Rumors floating around: BSG pulled out of the 2019 Chicago beauty show; Orly laid off 80 people (how old is Jeff Pink anyway and who buys Orly?); Harmony is awash in debt with no where to go; Backscratchers is itching to sell; and mixed reviews on Shellac LUXE. By the way, THE INDUSTRY SOURCE is officially launching it July 1 and today is the last day for pre-orders, contrary to what was said at the show. 

America is the most prosperous country in the world and I could not imagine living anywhere else. However 90,000 Americans died last year from opioids, suicides are up 40% and depression is exploding. What is up with all this when the unemployment rate is near an all-time low, inflation is low, the stock market is up more than any other President in office for the same time period and home building is soaring? And I must point out spas have never been busier and hospitality companies are opening up new resorts at a frantic pace. So I did a little research and found out the following:

  • 50% of Americans are obese and by 2020, 75% will be obese. Women 40 years ago weighted 105 and wore a size 6 dress. Today the average is 160 and size 14 dress.
  • 16M suffer depression
  • 16% of adults are alcoholics
  • 23M are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol
  • 2.3M are in jail and 4.8M are on parole
  • 30M have diabetes and 100M have diabetes or pre-diabetes
  • 57M are on disability. Of those 2.2M use wheelchairs and 6.5M use canes/walkers
  • 1.3M are in nursing homes
  • 47M are in poverty, 30% increase in just a few years; 16.7M kids
  • 1.7M will be diagnosed with cancer this year

What is not taken into consideration of the above is how many Americans fit into more than one category. However it got me wondering: If America is #1, what are the numbers for countries behind us? Sad but true, I am sure the numbers for Asian countries are much better and the root core of all issues I think is education. Overall, America ranks #17 in education, 23rd in math and 27th in reading. Detroit alone is the worst city out of 40 and due to this, 53% of its population doesn’t even seek work. Asia consistently ranks in the top 5 in education. The question is who is going to fix our education system?

Congrats to Dawn who just moved into her new home, now only 6.4 miles from TNG! It’s time for a house party!!

I’m finally getting my new sports car nearly a year-and-a-half later than planned. I originally ordered my new Porsche August 2016 for April 2017 delivery. When April came and no car I called the salesperson. Ooops, he forgot to order the car. Soonest I could get was in the fall. Then I was in Chicago and fell in love with the NSX by Acura. So I ordered that. Then they stopped production and I had to cancel. Finally I met with Porsche last September and they promised delivery early April this year. When April came and no car I called the salesperson. Oh, production slowdown and I should have in July. Mind you, they never called me to update me. This is what customer service in 2018 is all about. Good news is the salesman did call back and I should have it this month. Joy to the world!

Sorry I have to shout out Happy Birthday to Kristin who is turning 30 and she is scared to death about it. All I can think about is doubling her age and wishing upon a star. . . .Enjoy 30 Kristin, 60 comes very quick!

Happy Wednesday!

Out Of My Mind On A Wednesday Mornin’

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Is there anything like a tooth ache or broken tooth to get you to the dentist post haste? There are few pains that demand immediate attention like that inside the mouth. Today I go for Phase 2 of my implant, this after waiting four months for the dried bones they inserted into my gums to take root so they could screw a post into my mouth. Jolly good news is that I get to wait another two months for the post to heal. Then the good dentist can mount the crown in Phase 3.

What is it with “Resort Fees?” First you pay for the hotel room, then you pay the various taxes, then you pay a resort fee which is typically $35 per day for hotels in the USA and between 10%-15% for hotels in Mexico and other tourist spots. I asked the last hotel what I received for the resort fee and they told me use of the facilities (pool) and bottled water in the room. Total profit generator.

Baseball season should start April 16, a true celebration considering the day after tax day. And playing baseball beforehand especially in this unending winter is craziness.

Sally Beauty Holdings announced a Cost Reduction Plan April 4. What does that mean? About 500 layoffs. With $1.9 BILLION in debt, could Sally become another Toys R Us? And with Pureology the latest hair care company just announcing its strategic direction to partner with Amazon (thank you Harlan), what chances do salons have to retail products in the future?  It’s no wonder why companies such as L’Oreal and Paul Mitchell do everything possible to point consumers to their direct websites and Amazon, they understand hairdressers could care less.

I had the joy of going to Knott’s Berry Farm in California with my two grandkids. One didn’t want to go on rides and one only wanted to throw tantrums. Kiddie ride lines were about 45 minutes for a 60-second ride. Adult rides were about one hour but you could buy a fast pass for $63 per adult to skip the lines. Amusement park enjoyment must be at an all-time low. I’ll stick to zoos, aquariums and beaches.

Who needs to watch the current seasons of Homeland and Billions when you have Trump in the White House? Got to love it when a lawyer needs a lawyer.

Got to love the fact about tariffs too. Just when Trump announced 10% additional duties on aluminum, Reynolds America announced a 6% price increase. Another fact about tariffs: Most goods made in China cannot be made in the USA due to labor, pollution, materials and other factors. Can you imagine Millennial’s making cotton swabs and rounds?

I tossed out my Centrum’s. Confirmed research: Not only no benefit in taking daily supplements, but there is research pointing that supplements can do just the opposite for your health. Eat right and no worries.

And so much for hot yoga, infrared studios and extreme exercising. Research out that sweating does not release toxins from the body. Oh well, it’s all about the state of mind after sweating.

Last but not least, the new Little Caesar’s Arena hardly performed any magic for the Pistons and Red Wings. Neither team made the playoffs, and not to make the playoffs is pitiful considering about 75% of the teams make it. The last time this happened: 1982-1983 season. Oh well as they say, there is always next year.

Happy Wednesday!

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One great thing about getting older is that you have more experience and can react better to certain situations. One thing I learned is that life is about “moments.” How many times do you go to Starbucks and there are 6 people in line but by the time you get to the cashier there is no one behind you? Same for the supermarket, gas station and so on. Most bad stuff is about being in the wrong moment.

Speaking of moments, isn’t it amazing how some days you make every traffic light and some days you don’t make one? And even more phenomenal is that after all these years traffic lights still work: People still stop on RED and go on GREEN. What a concept.

What is going on with beauty companies? Suddenly Wall Street hates them and has knocked down most beauty stocks by a third or more. Analysts blame Amazon once again as more consumers buy online. However the real story is that own brands is taking huge market share and we have only seen the beginning of this. Skin care will be the next frontier and be a game changer. The only category that is relatively safe so far is cosmetics but I am sure that too will come under fire in due time.

TNG just celebrated its 17th year sponsoring American Cancer Society’s STRIDES event in Detroit. It was a beautiful October day and not only did we have a record turnout, we raised more than $140,000, well more than the previous record of $118,000. In fact we were the #1 sponsor raising more than GM, Comerica and Suburban Collection. Thanks to all TNG talent and supporters for the best year yet!

YIKES another birthday is fast approaching. Remember when you were 7, then 7 and half years old and so excited to being closer to 8? I fondly recall the Eric Clapton song, “After Midnight” celebrating in my earlier years. Now after midnight I have been sleeping for more than two hours and that’s during the weekend!

In tune to getting older, Howard Stern commented on how he went to see the Bruce Springsteen Broadway production and had to go pee so bad he actually went to the bathroom. He hates going pee in public and now hates to leave his house because of it. Sleeping through the night is long gone.

Most of Oakland County is without water for at least a few days due to a water main break. Most of the Starbucks were closed today except for a few including the one by our headquarters. It was packed. So many businesses are closed. Just think of Puerto Rico who is still mostly without electricity let alone water.

It’s going to be a huge holiday season for retailers that have the right goods at the right moment. The off-price retailers have their game down as consumers love treasure hunting more than ever. Our customers are loving all the Ginger Lily Farms Botanicals fizzy bombs and Pure Essential Oil Works diffusers and essential oils. And we are just getting started, 2018 is going to be very special.

MSU undefeated in the BIG10 and ranked 18th, who would have thought? But let me say these late games with super long commercials are killing the game.

I showed up at my spinning class this morning and no instructor. One of the girls came to the rescue with her recently downloaded APP, Aaptiv. She opened it up, picked out a spinning class session that lasted 47 minutes and away we were. The instructor was awesome as was the music. In fact, the class was better than the live instructor. Can virtual instructors at gyms be far behind?

Happy Halloween!

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I just broke in my shorts, flip-flops and Jimmy Buffett t-shirt and now the calendar says September is in two days. Where did summer go? We all say time is flying by and while we watch it fly by, it still amazes me how elusive time is.

I got a chuckle out of this cartoon (one of my favorites). What is really funny is that everyone wants to exploit the men’s personal care category but men make really lousy shoppers.


The 10th Anniversary of the iPhone takes place next month. There will be 3 new models, this one being the one everyone is talking about and hitting the $1000 price point (I would have spent $40,000 just a few years ago to get these features and then some). I love the 3D facial recognition system, same thing that CLEAR uses at airports. How great to have inductive charging and not plugging in anymore. And the screen is going to be super cool. Now this is innovation at its best.


Why is it when we come to a door and it is locked we try a second time to open it? Like the second try is ever going to happen.

Appears Wall Street is no longer infatuated with beauty companies except Estee Lauder. Coty, Revlon and Sally are in the dumps hitting new lows while Ulta appears to be a screaming buy, more than 100 points off its high. They are opening more than 100 stores in 2017 and growth is still double digits. Truly an amazing story that has many new chapters ahead of it.

Football season is here and that means another year for MSU and everyone wondering what team will show up on the field (we already know too much about off the field). I’m hoping for 6-7 wins with one of them coming in Ann Arbor. I know those smart ass Wolverines are salivating this year. First let’s see if they can beat Florida.

Our new Fizzy Bomb Favorites Gift Kit hasn’t showed up yet but is nearly sold out. I would say this is one of the most exciting products for holiday this year but I’m already finalizing the most exciting product for bath in 2018. It will be like eating Chinese food on Easter Sunday!


Can someone explain to me why Detroit sport fans continue to buy tickets to watch their teams lose? I mean serious, the Tigers are as bad as they have ever been yet fans are still buying tickets. Why? Perhaps the same reason Stafford got $135M being a losing QB (51-58 record). I get that the Ford family can pay Stafford when the team valuation continues to skyrocket. The Lions are the second lowest valued team in the NFL but still worth more than $1.5 billion, $200 million increase over last year alone. Perhaps if the fans stop buying tickets, the Ford family might actually have a reason to win because it certainly isn’t about money.

Then again there is Floyd Mayweather who just earned $300M for a single fight. His 50-0 record has earned him more than $1B during his career. Now that is amazing.

Sorry but I have to limit today’s news headlines to three words or less. I have never spent less time reading or listening to news as this year. Trump (enough said). North Korea (over and done). Russia (has anything changed?). Harvey & Houston (terrible, just terrible). Thank God for Sirius XM and channel 24 is all I can say!

The new MSU Business Pavilion broke ground and is scheduled to open in 2019. Very exciting indeed!

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Out Of My Mind On A Thursday Mornin’

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Between my last blog and this one, Mike Nave sold his blue rag and is now focused on this next adventure. Can you imagine how much less bullshit there will be at trade shows now?

Is the powder dipping system a fad, trend, craze or here to stay? I remember all too well when Dubanne launched in the 80’s. In fact we had a local nail tech introduce a line called Exquisite Endings which was among the first powder dip systems. It’s really nothing more than acrylic powder and glue. Today’s story involves colors and only one manufacturer makes it for everyone. Apparently they are months in backorder and causing all sorts of issues. But then again a major distributor returned $350,000 of one brand due to low sales. So we will await the answer to my question. My guess: Fad. Women are sold on nail polish and “Shellac” manicures.

Speaking of “Shellac” manicures, you have to give CND credit for creating the category of soak-off gels that last up to two weeks. Every salon I go into women ask for a “Shellac” manicure when what they really want is a gel manicure. Too bad CND couldn’t capitalize on this early on. On another note OPI is relaunching their gel color late Summer, dubbed GC 360. A buck more a bottle with a few more bells and whistles.

It appears everyone wants to get into the beauty business and one concept being tossed around is franchise color express salons. Unlike blowouts, cutting, and updo’s, hair color is a very involved process that only experienced hairdressers can master. The best of them are charging $60 and up for a basic color so finding talent to run these salons is virtually impossible. Now if we could figure out a way to do foolproof color without foils, that could be a game changer.

First we complain about the roads. Then we complain about the road construction when they fix the roads. But perhaps what we complain about most is when they do construction on the roads they detour us to. Only the government can plan like that.

I recently read an article about the top 5 companies and if we could give them up in our daily lives. Here they are: Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google and Starbucks. Rank them in order of importance and see which ones you could not live without. For me, Apple, Google, Amazon, Starbucks, Facebook.

Can you believe it is already Memorial Day weekend? It would be nice for the weather to show up. Either way smoked baby backs are on the menu. YUM!

Remember those pink “While You Were Out” notes that dotted your desk when you were out of the office? We bought tons of them. Then voicemail came and they went away like 8 track tapes. Remember how cool voicemail was? And today, who even uses an office phone let along voicemail. Like the fax machine that was once “can’t live without” the office phone will soon be a relic too.

What’s going on with Detroit sports teams? We build the fanciest and most expensive stadiums and arenas for mediocre teams. What gives?

And finally this weekend TNG is updating to the latest version of Windows/Outlook. You talk about a nightmare job, this is it. Everyone has to change their password to an 8 character creation that most will forget within a day or two. We have to archive anything and everything and our email shuts down at noon on Friday until late Monday. Our tech team is working around the clock to get it done and they will. And all the while Microsoft is whistling all the way to the bank. THANKS MUCH TECH TEAM!

Happy Thursday!

Out Of My Mind On A Wednesday Mornin’

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J. Geils died at the age of 71. I remember seeing him at MSU for $5 bucks. 71 is awfully young for a rock and roll star and come to think of it, Jimmy Buffett just turned 70. Yet he is partying and building an empire like he is a pirate at 40. Margaritaville is now worth more than just about any brand name in music history. Even the mighty Rolling Stones never figured out how to merchandise themselves. No one does it like JImmy. And I hope he keeps doing it for another 20 years.

Which brings me to the Chicago beauty show. So many companies elected to skip the show once again this year yet the show keeps going on. So you have to ask yourself the question, “Why?” The answer in part lies in the fact that the old timers remember beauty shows in their glory days and they keep waiting for those days to come back. But with public companies now controlling the pro beauty business, it ain’t going to happen. It appears the few beauty shows left (Long Beach, Vegas rep show, IBS NY, Chicago and Premier) still attract the reps and most importantly, Mike Nave. Sitting in the Conair booth was JB who is now into his 70’s and asked why he was there, he simply replied, “What else am I going to do?” So people like JB come, see, get more and more disappointed at what they see, but come back year after year anyway.

So I’m thinking at the next PBA Cosmoprof show, we should honor all the 70 plus reps and others that still cling to the pro beauty business. Let’s bring them all on stage, give them a standing “O” and a bag of free beauty samples. And the last person that needs to be called on stage has to be Mike Nave. Here is a guy that is not only at every beauty show on earth, but still has the energy to deal with the bullshit. No one smoozes like Mike and even though he charges $49 for his newsletter that comes out 2-3 weeks late each month and $2500 for an inside story, Mike is having fun like no one else and the money is secondary. Mike reminds me of Bob Oppenheimer back in the day although Bob had quite a presence in the industry. Mike is a hustler who feasts on Gibson’s garbage salads whenever he can while keeping fit and trim. Yep, Mike needs to be the last one on stage especially while he can still walk on the stage.

We took our five year old to Orlando and Animal Kingdom. Forget the crowds and strollers, that is a given. What is shocking now are the amount of adults on scooters. I have never seen so many adult scooters in my life. It appears that it is now a privilege to be obese, out of shape and damn everyone else. Heck the scooters get you on the rides quickly and Disney makes a ton of money renting them out. You know those trams in the parking lot that take you to the entrance? At this rate, soon Disney will need trams inside their parks.

Tesla is now the most valuable U.S. automaker. Although GM makes more than 10 million vehicles a year compared to less than 100,000 to Tesla, investors have put their bets on Elon Musk to lead the way for the next century of transportation. By 2025 most cars will be electric and self-driving. The Model T was the first production line car built in the USA from 1908 to 1927. It cost about $300 and commanded 40% of the market. Look how much has changed in less than 100 years.

But one thing never changes: Rock and roll. Thanks J. Geils. What was your favorite song?

Happy Wednesday!