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Coaching Topics

Leadership: Understanding that you are the Founder, CEO, and President of your company and establishing leadership protocols.


Establishing Clear Path: To get from point A to point B, you need a clear path. The path starts with a sound business plan and what to expect on the journey.


Short- & Long-Term Goals: It’s easy to work in the moment. Most businesses fail because they didn’t set short- and long-term goals early on. Take the Detroit Lions for instance. Their short-term goal might be to win a playoff game. Their long-term goal might be to win the Super Bowl. Using sports metaphors in business is one of my favorite ways to communicate strategy. 


Mitigating Weaknesses: We all have them. A pro golfer might be able to hit his drive 350 yards on the fairway. But it’s the second shot that counts. The key to mitigating weaknesses is to focus on strengths.


Increasing Performance, Productivity and Confidence: Coaching can help you cut hours out of your schedule so you can focus on what you do best and become more productive. Entrepreneurs need to exude confidence from day 1 and from that, grow it into integrity, pride and passion.

Amazon SC, FBA and VC: TNG has been selling on Amazon for nearly 20 years and is an Amazon Top 200 Beauty Reseller. If you are thinking about selling on Amazon, this coaching opportunity is for you.


Training & Mentorship: What’s the best way to train and retain your employees? Learn why mentorship is so important early on as an entrepreneur.


Decision Making: This is one of the toughest jobs of a coach, to teach decision-making skills. As an entrepreneur, you will be making decisions daily and how you make those decisions will determine the path your company takes and if it’s destined for short- or long-term success.


Gut-Check: There are critical times that an entrepreneur needs a gut-check from a coach. Most decisions that an entrepreneur makes are from the gut. Most of the time those are the right decisions to make. It’s like back in high school and you took a multiple-choice test and picked “B” for your answer. Then you reread the question and changed your answer to “C.” But when you got the results back, most of the time you saw that the correct answer was “B.” That was the gut-choice. A good coach can help you with the gut-check.


Shoot The Shit: Sometimes an entrepreneur just needs a coach to shoot the shit with and to get perspectives on many different topics. I like to refer to this as a therapy session that afterwards, makes you feel a whole lot better.

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