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2009 Product of the Year

Seldom am I excited about a new product like this one. It's not a new flavor, new package, new name. It's not a knock-off of an existing product. It makes people happy, both men and women. It's reasonably priced. It's easy to use. You get immediate results. No assembly is required. And best of all, it's a secret that no one needs to know about.

That's right folks, the 2009 Product of the Year is a secret and herein lies the problem--no one is going to tell anyone about it because they want to keep it a secret.

OK, you want to know what it is already. Think Viagra. That too was a winner of Product of the Year. And in the beginning, it too was a secret. Now people mention it and joke about it. But millions use it.

This product is sort of like Viagra for the hair. No it doesn't make your roots stand on end-much better than that. Let me segway a bit more.

As men age, they opt for two choices when it comes to their hair. The first choice is to shave it off. This look is very popular and men love it because it's cheap, easy and they don't have to spend any time "doing" their hair.

The other choice for those who keep their hair is to watch it turn gray. Some people find that attractive however most would rather it go away. But unlike women, most men don't want to deal with the hassle of coloring their hair. Even some women don't like coloring their hair for this reason.

But now, history is being made. Men no longer have to shave their heads. Men no longer have to deal with gray hair. TA-DA!

Introducing Kemon YO Fast Mousse! This innovative, technology-driven product is first to market. Yogurt-based, PPD-Free, ammonia-free and you do it yourself at home in the shower. And here is how easy it is to use.

Choose "cool" for dark hair or "warm" for blonde hair. Simply apply to wet hair and let stand for 3-5 minutes and rinse out. After one application, you will notice an immediate difference. But those around you will only notice that your hair is shinier, healthier and better looking. Then repeat this process every two weeks until you get the desired color you want. The more color desired, the longer you keep on your hair (15 minutes is the maximum time). And that's it!

Retail price is only $25.00 and this will be available in all Kemon salons within the next few weeks. Right now I am doing specific before and after test marketing with guys that are super excited to be among the first in the U.S. to experience the product. They are doing photos every 2 weeks and then we are going to post them online-what fun!

Every guy so far is super excited. And when you get a guy super excited about a hair product, watch out.

Happy Thursday-Friday!


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