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2017 Here We Come

It’s all going to start happening January 20 when President-elect Trump becomes the 45th President in the USA. Exactly what happens is anyone’s guess and we know the media is clueless. However I can say I am very optimistic about 2017. It should be the first year before the 2001 crash era that the state of affairs is about business. After all,  business is what propels the U.S. economy with 70% of the spending coming from consumers. What we also need is for businesses to spend money on productivity and on capital investments through lower taxes and bringing back more than $1 trillion in overseas cash.

For TNG, 2017 starts the first week of January with the launch of thebeautybook Spring 2017 edition. The all-new look is our best catalog to date and includes more than 250 new products developed through our research and development. Many of these products are ground-breaking and very exciting. For sure this is the largest introduction of new products in our history and we will continue to build on this momentum throughout the year. One brand that is red-hot is Ginger Lily Farms Botanicals as every seasonal item sold out. New seasonal collection for Valentine’s Day, Easter and Mother’s Day is sure to sell out again featuring Strawberry Shortcake and Chocoholic. These luscious flavors will be available in our Fizzy Bombs, new Buttercup Bath Creamers, butters, scrubs and candles.

ForPro will continue its innovative lead with amazing new cotton products, massage accessories, hair care accessories and brilliant new products. With the continued lack of innovation coming from the beauty industry, it is no wonder our customers are loving ForPro and our Signature brands.

2017 is also going to be exciting because so many of our key customers are optimistic as well. Resorts, spas and key retailers see this is a break-out year. That means more money for expansion, renovations and new properties. Even Jimmy Buffett who turns 70 Christmas Day is opening up new Margaritaville resorts and Parrotheads love them.

Best yet for 2017, we have the best talent to handle our continued growth. Between our store talent that is #1 in customer service to our inside and outside account representatives, no one knows the beauty business like we do. And with the continued consolidation of key players, TNG and THE INDUSTRY SOURCE will continue to thrive.

On a personal note, my middle son Daniel and his fiancé Stacy are expecting a baby girl April 29 and getting married December 2. Congrats to them!

So yes, 2017 will be quite the year and let’s hope President Donald does the right things and keeps optimism alive for a very long time. We can all use a healthy dose.

Happy Holidays! Happy, healthy and safe New Year! And thanks for reading my blog.



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