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21 Variables for Visiting a Spa

With the end of the Olympics, ending of summer coming and a grueling week of politics on TV, I thought this would be the perfect week to focus on spas and spa treatments.

Carl Boger, PhD, spent four months developing the Benchmarking Study of a Spa. The study was based on questions asked to spa customers and the results although predictable shed some light into our industry that can be used to better grow the business.

Boger came up with 21 variables for visiting a spa and used several references such as ISPA, Spa Finder, and Tabacchi.

To test your spa acumen, I am going to list the 21 variables in no particular order. I want you to blog back what you think the top 3 and bottom 3 are. This should be fun!

  1. To feel healthier

  2. To enjoy with friends

  3. To enjoy with family

  4. To feel relaxed

  5. To feel refreshed

  6. To experience adventure

  7. To experience solitude

  8. To relieve stress

  9. To be calm

  10. To be pampered

  11. To feel young

  12. To enjoy

  13. To live a health/wellness life style

  14. To escape from daily life

  15. For self-indulgence

  16. To improve mental health

  17. To improve physical health

  18. To feel healthier

  19. To improve appearance

  20. To have fun

  21. To meet other health conscious people

When responding, simply use the numbers. Bottom line: who have thought there so many variables? I don't know about you, but I'm booking a massage today!

Happy Monday!


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