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A Box of Chocolates or Slice of Pie?

The news isn't getting any better and now it looks like we will be in this turbulent period of time at least until August 2009. So what should we do?

Indulge in comfort. The other day I mentioned "cocooning" and many agreed they love to wrap up in a soft blanket in front of a roaring fire and read a book. With daylight savings time over, I'm going to bed earlier and sleeping longer. The bed always comfortable is even more so.

For humans, there still remains nothing more comforting than food. Comfort foods include meatloaf, mashed potatoes, hot homemade Angie's pizza bread, pasta and dessert.

Ah, the thrill of dessert. For me, it's strictly weekends and even then, the desserts are monitored. Except of course on special occasions. And my most favorite of those is coming up shortly: Thanksgiving.

I used to love a box of chocolates. Remember Fannie May? Whitman's Sampler? Sydney Bogg? Sanders? Now it's Godiva which I think is OK at best. Regardless, I hate the cream centers and love the nut/caramel ones. 

Pie is my favorite and it's a toss up between real pumpkin or warm apple with crumb topping and vanilla ice cream on the side. Yes, I also love banana and coconut creme, and peanut butter with chocolate topping is pretty good too.

But for Thanksgiving, one must be a traditionalist. The problem lies in portion control. Is it half a piece of each to start? Then sneak up and eat the other half of each? And then take the knife and cut a secret piece and eat that over the sink? You see, that's why I only eat pie once a year. I can't stop.

What do you prefer: A box of chocolate or piece of pie? And which is your favorite?

If you can't talk about the news, comfort food is always a good option.

Happy Wednesday!


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