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A Brick and A Blanket

So you say what do a brick and a blanket have in common? Absolutely nothing!

But if you read the mind-altering book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, you would know that there is some commonality after all.

Gladwell after all alerts his readers that divergence tests are best for measuring one's imagination and allowing to take your mind in as many different directions as possible. Bottom line: Divergence tests are a great measurement of creativity.

Now if I give you the test, you can either do it fair and square or you can cheat and read what others have blogged before. Gladwell speaks a bit about this because us humans have a curious nature. But you will be the loser if you look before you answer!

Here is the test and it's very simple: Write down as many uses as possible that you can think of for a brick and then a blanket. Try not to spend more than two minutes on each and be honest in your approach. This is not an exercise in right or wrong or anything tricky; just write down what comes naturally.

After posting your answers, then read the others and see how you compare and which ones others agreed upon. It's fun.

Happy Tuesday!


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