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A Bucket Full of Thank You's

With summer moving full speed ahead and the month of July soon to be a distant memory, I thought now is as good as ever to spill my bucket of Thank You's to those that make life a little brighter and a little more fun.

Surely this is not my complete list as I have many buckets. But this one is full so here I go:

  1. Craig and the SAP Swat Team. I remember Craig "begging" for SAP and now I see him and the team "begging" for mercy and going live September 2.

  2. Scott for stepping into the Store Director's role or should I say, "dancing into the role."

  3. Kym who has effortlessly in a short amount of time tied up our promotion with Detroit Gossip Girls, launching Chicago and LA with Kemon and moving at the speed of light.

  4. Wendy who sold the most ACS bookmarks by an individual; the Flint store who is the only store to crack 1,000!

  5. Kory for stepping up at CTS and rocking the division.

  6. Dan for always getting the small stuff done.

  7. Kelly for making sure the education at TheAcademy and at S.P.A. is top rate.

  8. The LT GLC for taking care of the ATL business with no problems.

  9. The Pavilion staff for updating the showroom.

  10. BUB for making everyday a little brighter and the most fun.

  11. Jacques for getting the web stuff done on time.

  12. Charlotte for being a true Rebel in difficult times.

  13. Not having to play golf in England to make a living.

  14. All the Kemon salons that believe in us.

  15. And our Kemon Head Coaches: Jeph, Andy and Aaron. You guys are the best!

Who do you want to thank?

Happy Monday!


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