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A Fallen Leaf

With Fall in full bloom, here is something to think about over the weekend (other than increasing sales): What is must be like to be a leaf.

Imagine Springtime, bursting into full bloom and soaking up the sunshine and hanging out all day long.

Rain comes and cleans you off and sometimes you have little bugs crawling all over you and it's tortuous because you can't get them off. Luckily  more rain comes and cleans you up again.

Summer is glorious. The best time of life. But then comes Fall and boy, it comes so fast. What did the leaf deserve this for? No reason other than it's about nature and it's about life.

The leaf starts to turn color and the aging process accelerates. Some leaves turn bright red, some bright orange, some stay green. But for some reason, some leaves drop earlier than others. Imagine being the first batch of leaves to drop.

A fallen leaf. Is it dead or alive? If I'm the leaf, I still look the same as I did on the tree. It may depend on fate and the wind. Did the leaf land on a major road or in the safety of the woods? Ouch to the leaf that landed on the road. How many times can a leaf endure being run over?

Some leaves are raked. Ouch! Some leaves are jumped on. What fun! And some leaves are burned. Death! But there isn't any use for a fallen leaf. How sad.

Moral of the story: Don't become a fallen leaf.

Happy Friday and Victory for MSU!


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